Yue Fei Quan Part 16

Another wonderful lecture and seminar for Yue Fei and today it looked as if we all were lucky enough to have good weather to enjoy it with.
photo Grandmaster Tse teaching OnlineSigong’s lecture on the traditional Chinese structure of Wen (Scholar) and Wu (Fighter) was incredibly interesting and I really liked the explanation of the structure of the Chinese symbol for ‘Wu’ which was both ‘stop’ and ‘fighting’, which Sigong explained means knowing how to stop fighting you need to understand fighting.

Sigong also explained the rules or moral codes all Chinese martials artists would abide by, and told us the 4 most common;

    Respect the teacher and the skill  
    Take care of the elderly and younger people, have a good heart and loyalty
    Help those in crisis and poverty
    Stand against bullied and protect civilians 

Wonderful codes to live our lives by whether we are martial artists or not.

After the lecture I was able to get outside in the garden, in a t-shirt(!) no less, to go through Yue Fei. I do find this a very challenging form, trying to remember all the movements, but when it goes well it is a real thrill and I have always believed that if sometimes doesn’t come easily at first it is far more rewarding in the end. This is shaping up to be one of the most rewarding forms.

We are nearing the end of Yue Fei but for now we can continue to learn and keep practicing with each other. Thank you again Sigong for sharing this form with us.

By Nicci Pearce

Student Comments
Interesting lecture on how people studied in the past, depending on their means and interest. The last section of Yue Fei Quan is full of powerful movements, one after the other, it feels like the form is accelerating to the end! Very good feeling, thank you Sigong. Christine

Thank you Sigong. A very nice day and seminar. Wu de was very interesting as well as the story on wisdom. Polishing last few bits and adding new bits to a very enjoyable form. I still need more practice to familiarise more with it and be able to practice it with more flow. Looking forwards to next seminar! Michalis A.

Yue Fei Quan part 16 was as enjoyable as ever- I really like the swinging fists, and now the new part covering all four directions. I’m sure when we start doing the jumps it’s going to be a real workout! Lovely to see everyone in the breakout rooms to discuss and ponder on the various details and to reach a deeper understanding of the form. Thank you very much Sigong. Peter Hogg

Interesting lecture on the wu de – martial moral code. It reminds me of the famous quote from Spider-man: “with great power comes great responsibility”! On asking whether the ideas were based on Daoism, Buddhism or Confucianism, the answer was that at higher levels these are very similar and in the end good morals are universal. Great food for thought. Thank you Sigong. Paul Hogg

Yue Fei Quan gets more exciting with each new lesson. This time we had another challenging sequence of movements, co-ordinating the hands and feet with changes of direction; but overall it is very satisfying to practise the form. Thank-you Sifu for another great seminar. Rick

The further we get into the Yue Fei form the more powerful it seems to get. The new section is a real test of our sense of direction and coordination. It’s such a fun, fast form. I always finish these seminars feeling energised and wanting to do more. Thank you Sigong Malachy

I am really enjoying the form now that I know it better and the movements are more clear and correct. Also enjoyed the lecture and the Wu De principles! Thank you Sifu! Radu