Dragon Shadow Sword – Part 4

Dragon Shadow Sword is a beautiful form with many changes in all directions and with interesting stances and attacks. It teaches a lot about the Jian and how to use the whole body in the attack.


Wing Chun Instructor Course 2023

A short sleep, nervous sweats, and feeling anxious were some of the symptoms I experienced the day before the Wing Chun instructor’s course. After looking over my notes for what seemed like an eternity, trying to anticipate what was to come, the hour of the instructor’s course had finally arrived.


White Crane Sword Part 11

Flowing into the Year of the Rabbit
This was the first white Crane Sword seminar in 2023. It also marked the first day of the Year of the Rabbit. GM Tse says that with a good beginning we have set the energy for the rest of the year. This was a very good form start to the New Year – dynamic, flowing and balanced.


28 Constellation Gong Part 1

What a wonderful way to begin 2023’s seminars on the eve of the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit! My Sigong, Grandmaster Tse, gave a very inspiring lecture and took us all one step farther in the feeling of the enormity of the energies that are available to us in our Qigong practice.