Wing Chun Ten Star Footwork Part 7

In the latest instalment of the Wing Chun Ten Star Footwork series, which was Part 7, Sigong (Grandmaster Tse) took us through a tour of all the footwork already covered in this series.


Dragon Shadow Sword Part 5

I am always eager to start the Dragon Shadow Sword seminars. It was the first sword form I learned and it is very enjoyable to go through the details with Sifu and polish the form.


Chen Long Pole Part 7

I was excited to do Part 7 of the Chen Taiji 13 long pole seminar. The seminar started with an interesting talk about the Chen Taiji yin/yang principle and circular movements in Taiji in general.

White Crane Sword

White Crane Sword Part 12

It was an early morning start for the 2nd White Crane Sword seminar of 2023, beginning with the Level 1 warm-up routine to get everyone energised and ready to continue learning this dynamic and graceful form.


Wing Chun Ten Star Footwork – Pt6

Today felt like more than one seminar, we got through so much! We started with a slightly different format, warm up and Siu Lim Tao first before the lecture, which I thought worked very well as it meant the lecture coincided with a little rest time following the form.