9 Colour Qi Ball – Part 7

In this lecture at the start of the session, Sifu translated the first chapter of the Dao De Jing for us. This states that “Emptiness”, that which is formless and nameless, is the origin of space and all that it contains (Heaven and Earth).


28 Constellation Gong Pt5

As many of the traditional Chinese skills it is based in Daoism (follow the Dao, follow nature) and Confucianism (how to behave, harmony of people in society) and Buddhism as adapted in China and its people.


White Crane Sword Part 15

Sigong (Grandmaster Tse) has been teaching us one of the most challenging and intricate Chun Yuen Quan forms – White Crane Sword 白鶴劒. It as an advanced, Chinese straight sword skill with a long-tassel attached to the pommel. 


Dragon Shadow Sword Part 7 

The seventh seminar for Dragon Shadow Sword started with a very interesting lecture based on questions that arose from the Chun Yuen Instructors course during the previous weekend


Grandmaster Tse’s Chun Yuen Dairies 俊元日記 4

Shàolín Quán 少林拳 – Shàolín Fist, has been passed down from generation to generation of many, many years. Some skill has been passed outside Shàolín Sì 少林寺 – Shàolín Temple and so now there are many traditional Chinese styles, and even Japanese styles that originated from Shàolín Quán, and some even still call themselves Shàolín Quán.