2023 Qigong Instructor Course

Once again instructors from around the world gathered to be recertified in the ancient art of Qigong. Cameras and computers prepped for action. For some it was the middle of the night, for others well into the day. Sun or rain, day or night, Northern or Southern Hemisphere – everyone was ready to join Grandmaster Tse online for this year’s course at 10:00 Greenwich Mean Time.


Nine Colour Qi Ball Part 8

When we practise Qigong, we work for good health in both body and mind. It is said that spirit and life must be trained together i.e., Xing Ming Shuang Xiu.


Dragon Shadow Sword Pt 9

This is a form that is great for everyone, it is not as physically demanding as Green Dragon or White Crane with the long tassel and contains movements and postures not in Wudang sword.


Chen Spear Pt 3

A poem by Chen Chang Xing to help students understand the principles of Taiji Quan was translated into English by sifu.The poem explained how we should approach our thinking of the theory of Taiji Quan.First impressions it is simple but the more you read and practice the more questions you should have,Taiji Quan should start and finish with the same energy but like the water in a river it will change depending on the circumstances.

Seeing sifu’s demonstrations and going over the previous movements of the spear form helped to clear up and clarify any questions we had.The new movements today tested our co-ordination in walking backwards while spinning the spear.Plus the one handed zha tested our wrist strength.

Thank you sifu for  giving us clear demonstrations and explanations of the movements and answering our numerous questions.

by Ann Sim

Student Comments

Sigong continued his lecture from our Chen ancestor on the energy of Chen and how it flows. Then we learned quite a few new moves with the spear. Thanks Sigong and all in breakout rooms! – Kay
Very nice to do today’s Chen Spear seminar. I enjoyed the lecture and the challenging twirling steps. Looking forward to next time! Thank you, Sigong. Best, Tom Hogg.
Exciting new movements today! Interesting with the one-handed Zha – it challenges strength, coordination and wrist control all at the same time. Great for helping to push our level.
Thank you Sigong.
Paul Hogg
This part of the Chen spear was very enjoyable, although I had some initial problems remembering the first bit of footwork. This is a great form for bring up the energy – and what a difference it makes to train outdoors! Already looking forward to the next instalment.  Thank you Sigong. Peter Hogg
Really enjoyed the seminar and the fun and challenging new moves today. Thanks to Sifu and all in breakout rooms. Pete
Very enjoyable to get back into Chen spear and polish the details, such a dynamic form. Thank you for another great seminar Sifu, Peter A
The Chen Taiji Spear form looks amazing and is mesmerising to watch; unsurprising, it’s quite the challenge. The coordination of rotating the spear and stepping alone is complicated enough, but making it flow will take a lot of practice, it’s a good thing it feels great to perform! Thank you Sigong for sharing the form and your knowledge. Sam
Very much enjoying the Chen Spear. I can see similarities to the Chen Long Pole but also to staff weapon techniques. A great form. Thank you Sifu!
Its great to review the spear after so many years. The spear is a very fun weapon to hold and I enjoy learning that extra bit at the end. The lecture was also very good and details, thank you Sigong for teaching us this form. Yunki
Enjoyed the lecture explaining the Taiji Quan theory from Chen Chang Xing, lots of things to think about when practicing the forms and Tui Shou. The new movements were good today too, some unusual like the one hand Ja! Looking forward to continue learning the form. Thank you Sigong. Christine

Wing Chun Ten Star Footwork Pt 11

It’s amazing how quick these seminars go by, and everyone was excited for the culmination of the Wing Chun 10 star footwork seminar. We all started with a warm up and then a 30 minute Siu Lim Tao which then readies you for the rest of the seminar ahead.