Hard Qigong Level 1 Pt1

This was the first seminar to teach Hard Qigong (HQ) after Covid hit the world. HQ is a very special skill and so it has been sorely missed by many students of the Tse Centre.


Nine Colour Qi Ball – Pt9

I have been looking forward to the next seminar of 9 Colour Rotating Qi Ball as the stepping and the energy behind the movements were quite tricky so it is very useful to see and understand again.


White Crane Sword Part 17

It is a Sunday morning treat for the brain and body! 
I have never been known as a morning person but on a White Crane Sword Sunday I always manage to be up, maybe not firing on all cylinders immediately, and ready for another wonderful seminar. This form continues to challenge and thrill in equal measures and the joy felt when working with the sword and tassel is something worth cherishing.