2024 Chun Yuen Instructor Course

This year it was the questions! And the adrenalin kicks in because we can’t test the physical skill we’ve been working on until we pass the questions! Oh no!  Luckily, there are the Chun Yuen Diaries to guide and refresh our basic knowledge about Chun Yuen Quan history and principles. 

When I look from the vantage point of my first Tse Qigong Centre Instructors Course in 2000 at Wye College in Kent, back then I could never have even imagined what our course has evolved into today! From earlier days to what we have now is a big leap in organization, capacity, clarity, quality, communication and cohesion.

Our familiarity, faith and trust, both in each other and the process, allows for much progress, with quality, to be made in a short time. Over the years, we have come to feel like and act like family, to desire each and every one to thrive, not only in performing the skill well but also in enjoying the benefits of healthier lives because of it. Inspired by the leadership we follow, we hold each other up, we don’t compete and we are kind and patient with one another.

As the courses develop over time, each one has a surprise element, a different way of doing things to go deeper and to accomplish more in terms of skill, theory, knowledge and understanding.  This year it was the questions! And the adrenalin kicks in because we can’t test the physical skill we’ve been working on until we pass the questions! Oh no!  Luckily, there are the Chun Yuen Diaries to guide and refresh our basic knowledge about Chun Yuen Quan history and principles.  But Sigong also wants us to share in his way of thinking, so that the teaching, relationships and skills taught all over the world will maintain their integrity and power. And thankfully we all managed to get past that post! In the time for reflecting on the answers to the questions in the last hour of the course, what was particularly touching was what Sigong shared about the relationship between the Sifu and the senior students, how close that is and how there is no need to always say “thank you”. His sister always said to him, “Don’t say thank you”. That feeling of trust, comfort and knowing runs deep.

After one glorious day of demonstration and polishing, the testing began on the second day. The process ran as smoothly as butter and everyone had a chance to improve which feels really good.  I know we all feel great gratitude to those behind the scenes and to every participant for showing up, eager and with a good heart. This is a wonderful blessing that serves and sustains us all.

By Lee Masters

Thank you Sigong, Sitai, Sifu and all the testers and polishers for this year’s Instructors course. It was a truly amazing weekend. The questions section was interesting, as there were a lot of interesting questions. They were answered with great knowledgeable answers. Watching Sigong demonstrate the forms is always my highlight, as it gives us the chance to see the detail at the highest level. Was good seeing everyone, as always. Instructors courses, always gives me a passion to learn more. Thank you for sharing this amazing skill. Trev

Thank you Sigong, Sitai, Siba and all testers, polishers and everyone else on the Instructor course for an amazing weekend. I enjoyed the questions format, the challenge it added to the course and of course all the polishing and testing of our forms. Not just this but simply having the opportunity to be part of this course and share with everyone our love for this skill is a privilege. Thank you Sifu for opening the skill to me. I have gained so much and continue to benefit and enjoy this practice we have that Sigong has saved and shares with us. We are very lucky that Sigong found Grandmaster Wu Chun Yuen 35 years ago and cherished this skill the way he does. I’m very grateful for this and the weekend course. Ian

Thank you Sigong, Sitai and Sibaak for organising such a wonderful instructors course. It’s a great testament to the quality of the centre when there is so much camaraderie amongst the all members, of which, I feel very privileged to be a part of. Thank you to all the testers and polishers for every detailed clarification and piece of feedback, and to all my brothers and sisters for the advice, encouragement and most importantly laughter. The Chun Yuen skill and the energy it brings is very special indeed. Sam

Dear Si Gong, Sitai and Sifu
Another really enjoyable and sunny on line Chun Yuen instructor course, the demonstrations by Si Gong were really clear and showed me all the right details that I needed to see, the videos and photos that Sitai posted really helped as well, the new question format made me do more revision, which I think helped. It was great to catch up with everybody on zoom from all over the world, it is good to hear we may be getting together in person in the future, Im looking forwards to that.
Richard Hall

Yet an other instructor course. Very well driven, but challenging. Which is good because it makes us stretch in many ways.
Having the questions in the start was working well for me => made it “one thing at atime”, so I could focus better. The group size also worked well for me. The talk on the way made understanding connected with the answers.
I learned a lot from that!
Moral support from all the people on my way to the exam helped me in the practical test. Ohhhh this funny brain I cannot control in examen situations!
The tea room is also good help after the testing. As I train alone a lot, I can relate to other peoples experiences and recognise I have simmelar problems which means I am not alone with my type of problems, it is all part of the learning we do in these courses.
I am happy but also sad because the weekend goes so quickly and it is so good to see everybody.
We did it all together and made it once more a great weekend.
Impressed as always how well run the course is , how sceduels are kept and how easy it looks, well knowing a lot of organising is done behind the scenes.
A big family hug to all of you. 🙏🪄 Saskia

A great instructor’s course. So nice to see and catching up with everyone in various meeting rooms (having Sifu on London ground). Thank you Sigong Siba and Sitai for a greatly organised course. Sigong, seeing you perform the forms and listen to your calling us to our responsibility to carry and pass down the skill is always great and really inspiring. A calling for more action and more training! Thank you to seniors helping with the forms there is always some skill to polish further. The questions session was a challenging but also interesting session as it gives us the opportunity to come closer to Sigong’s thoughts and vision. Michalis A.

Great instructor course, learnt a lot from all the questions and polishing. Went very smoothly, and was very nice to see everyone. Really feels like a family reunion, not seen some people in person for a while but still well connected. Thank you Sigong, Sitai and Siba Darryl for a very smooth and enjoyable course. Christine

Thank you Sigong, Sitai and Siba and all polisher’s and testers for an
enjoyable course. Even though answering questions at the beginning was challenging it helped greatly to understanding the forms and the history to Chun Yuen. Each instructors course is different and one learns more detail by being polished or tested and this helps to improve your form. Natasha

This year the Chun Yuen instructor’s course was very special for me as I was in London and no interruptions but also the new format meant deeper understanding and knowledge about the skill. Understanding more on the theory, history and Sifu’s knowledge was very rewarding. The polishing was great as usual and helped me to understand more of the details in various forms. Thank you Sifu and Simo and Darryl for a wonderful course. Shahriar

Great Instructor Course.
Time seems to have flown past in the blink of an eye and we are already finished.
As part host of the polishing room together with Lee B, I enjoyed seeing a lot of students coming in to practice and ask questions but also just to chat and catch up. The social aspect is something the online format has made more difficult these past few years. This time there seemed to be more of a social vibe – maybe the title of Tea and Chat helped!
Many thanks to Sigong and Sitai and Siba Moy and all the testers. My head is stacked with information which I can practice with until next time.
Paul Hogg

The Chun Yuen Instructor course was a little different this year with question time being held in the first session. Polishing followed and this is my favourite.:) Observing Tse Sigong and then having a senior help with movements that may need some attention is so beneficial. Testing is next and that gets the nerves jangling however it is so worth it to have your forms checked. The polishing and corrections that arise from the testing are invaluable to take home and practise with. The course finished off with more information being shared about some of the questions we had earlier. Another very successful course and a huge thanks to Sigong, Sifu, Siba, testers and Polishers who all help make these courses run so smoothly.

Thank you Sigong, Sitai, Sifu and all the testers and polishers for another great Chun Yuen Quan instructors course. Great to see everyone again as well. The questions about the skill got everything thinking which is good and important so that our knowledge and also our way of answering is clear. The course is about becoming better not only our skill but also about how to teach it. Basic and original versions of the forms are very clearly given, allowing everyone a possibility to learn and benefit. Good for us to polish these basic versions as well in order to teach and break things down. Thank you, Wouter

A thoroughly enjoyable instructor course. It’s always great to see Tai Sigong demonstrate the forms and have the opportunity to ask questions to improve our understanding. Thank you Tai Sigong, Tai Sitai and Sigong for organising, and to all the testers and polishers for your invaluable feedback and help. Inspirational! Sarah

Thank you so much Sigong for yet another fantastic Chun Yuen instructors course. Thanks also to Sifu, Siba, all the testers and to those helping in the polishing room.
Every year we have a chance to increase our knowledge, see and pick up more details and to improve our forms as well as have the chance to watch Sigong and ask any questions, how lucky we are!
Thank you Sigong.

I had a lot of excitement running the polishing rooms and it kept me very busy so that I wasn’t worried at all about my tests! Thanks Sigong for a great Instructor Course, I think the questions first is much better so that they are out of the way and we can focus on the forms and I liked the group format. I feel very worked out but very rewarded. Lee B

This year, the Chun Yuen Quan Instructor Course was very good and challenging. First, the questions bring up our standard and knowledge and the polishing and working together to improve brings up the skill level. It was very rewarding to go through a lot of polishing with senior students and to really understand the movements and the right way of approaching them. Thank you Sifu, Simo and all senior students for creating such a great learning environment and time together to improve ourselves and our level of the Chun Yuen Quan skill!

Thank you, Tai Sigong and all the supporting seniors and student for the course. I have taken a lot of practical and personal learning from it as always. It feels especially good for me to be able to return to training after a break and resume development of a skill which I find so enriching and enjoyable, so I am very grateful to you all for this learning environment. Looking forwards to face to face courses in the future 🙏Helen

It was an excellent Chun Yuen Instructor course this weekend! It was very interesting and challenging to answer the questions in the beginning. It was great to see Sigong perform the forms and to ask questions as well as going over it with the polishers in the breakout rooms. The testing of the forms on the second day also worked flawlessly. A big thanks to Sigong, Sitai, Siba and all the testers and polishers for making the course possible. Looking forward to improving the skill further next year. Best, Tom Hogg.

Thankyou TaiSigong, TaiSitai, Siba Gong and all testers for a great Chun Yuen instructor course. I enjoyed the course very mutch and feel I have really had the opportunity to polish the forms futher. Thanks to everyone who offered their advice. It was great to see everyone again, Rod.

Thank you Sifu, Simo, Darryl for organising a great course. Questions, demonstrations, polishing, testing, advice, corrections were so helpful. And finally but not least, the camaraderie was priceless. Peadar

Thank you TaiSigong, Sigong, and Sibagong – Very organised and efficient and instructions clear. I got so much from everyone, especially my testers, Michaelis, Lee, and Peter. Your all’s time spent with me giving me polishings meant so much. It’s great having that detail as a focus for my ongoing practice. I look forward to being in person with Tse family again one day. Be well – Jennifer

A really great instructor course, every year the level goes up and there are new details to polish. It was so nice to see everyone, thank you for sharing the skill Sifu, it is amazing. Peter A

We all benefit from practicing and studying in lead up to the course, and then the course takes our knowledge on philosophy, history, the centre and movement skill even deeper. A good test result is great but we benefit regardless of result. Just like Tai Sigong Chun Yuen said, if you’re willing to work hard you can try. Sigong summed this up when he asked if we were happy with our results and several of us said yes, so he made a hand wringing gesture and smiled saying, “next year….” And Paul added “more blood”! Part of the reason Chun Yuen Quan is fun is because it’s challenging. Looking forward to next year! – Kay