2024 Chun Yuen Instructor Course

This year it was the questions! And the adrenalin kicks in because we can’t test the physical skill we’ve been working on until we pass the questions! Oh no!  Luckily, there are the Chun Yuen Diaries to guide and refresh our basic knowledge about Chun Yuen Quan history and principles. 


Chen Spear Pt 10

Sifu explains the famous Chinese poems and sayings from the history of Taiji Quan. This time he talked about principles like ‘Soft controls hard, small defeats big, Taiji is changing’.


White Crane Sword Pt 23

It was great to see the new part again in detail, for years now I have been doing it as left and right steps changing direction like the part near Woodcutter Asks the Road.


28 Constellation Gong Pt12

It was very interesting to hear today’s lecture for the 28 Constellation Gong seminar. Of course, we all practice Qigong to improve our health but, after we have worked on that, we can also improve our capabilities and our sensitivity to Qi.