Dragon Shadow Sword Part 14

Talking about Shaolin Kung Fu is often synonymous with one of its most famous postures, namely Horse Stance; a traditional standing exercise that develops power and energy. For this lecture Sifu talked about some of the different aspects of Horse Stance along with the alignment of the body for the high, medium and low postures that can be practised. Sifu went on to explain how negative energy is first released before the Qi begins to circulate around the body, and then hinted about the possibility of a new seminar to teach further about the Horse Stance and its links to Shaolin Neijing.

by Rick Charles

Student Comments

It was great to continue the Shadow Dragon Sword today! I enjoyed the lecture on horse stance at different heights. Looking forward to next time. Thank you, Sigong. Best, Tom Hogg.
Great lecture from Sigong on horse stance – looking forward to the new seminar teaching different variations of it because developing the legs is so important for all the skills. As we age, it can be challenging to get the balance right between listening to your body and developing them so that we can continue to do the dynamic, flexible movements needed for fun forms like Dragon Shadow. Thanks, Sigong! -Kay
What a fascinating lecture about the mysterious (to us) “Spontaneous Qigong” and how there is an entire form surrounding our horse stance exercises. It was also great to be with Shahriar in the breakout rooms and catch up some more on detail from what I missed two seminars ago. My zoom was playing up a bit today, so I’m sorry I was a little late to the seminar and I got thrown out early at the end! Thanks Sigong!
Lee B
Thank you Sigong for the interesting talk on horse stance and for another great Dragon Shadow Sword seminar. I love the form and whilst I can’t always remember it all when we start by the end of the  seminar more has clicked in to place. Looking forward to next time. Nicci
Almost at the end! Very exciting. The moves are getting more acrobatic with the one leg stances.
Great to clarify the latest bit with the various angles and hand positions.
Thank you Sigong.
Paul Hogg
I very much enjoyed the horse stance lecture today and the very clear explanations of the different heights and alignments  and it is always a joy to return to the sword form. Not many movements left now! Thank you Sigong. Peter Hogg
Great lecture on horse stance and its importance, also very interesting to hear about a horse stance form and other types of Qigong. Still many details in the Dragon Shadow Sword to learn, but a huge amount fun doing so. Thank you Sigong. Sam
Thank you Sifu. I enjoyed the talk on horse stance. Thanks also for your teaching on Dragon Shadow Sword. Every seminar clarifies difficult parts for me. Thanks also to those in the break out rooms for their patience. Peadar
Very interesting lecture on horse stance training and the Dragon eyes story. The stories give a real insight into cultural differences with the West. Also enjoying the distinctive flavour of the Dragon Shadow sword form. Thank you for another great seminar Sifu. Peter A
I am glad to go through it again as the ending was more difficult and I could not remember it properly. Now it all connects. Dragon Shadow  sword is a challenging form but I really enjoy it. Looking forward to more of the form, thank you Sifu.
Great to go over the Dragon Shadow Sword, it has a lot of interesting and unusual movements! Thank you Sigong. Christine
Jyun Ma

Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 469

If we practise Jyún Máh well, then all our footwork in Wing Chun will be better as it is the foundation of all the Ten Star Footwork. The reason for this is that it teaches us to turn on the heels and keep the feet shoulder width apart.