Hard Qigong Level 1 – Pt8

We started the seminar with the question section. I found it very useful as Grandmaster Tse clarified some very important points about the rules we need to follow when training for the test.


9 Colour Qi Ball – Pt15

Myself as well as others were quite curious about some aspects so there were quite a few questions to better understand how to meditate and how to understand meditation better.


White Crane Sword – Pt24

The White Crane Sword (WCS) form of the Chun Yuen Quan system is both beautiful and highly challenging. The weapon itself is a Jiàn 劍 (straight sword) with a Páo 袍 (long tassel) attached to the pommel. To execute the form well we need a high degree of awareness. Conversely, practicing the form can help us improve our control of body, mind and energy in other skills.


Chen Spear – Pt11

We do not have to be powerful or big to overcome an opponent by using the principles of taijiquan involving circles and spirals. This is why understanding chan si jing is important.