28 Constellation Gong Part 1

What a wonderful way to begin 2023’s seminars on the eve of the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit! My Sigong, Grandmaster Tse, gave a very inspiring lecture and took us all one step farther in the feeling of the enormity of the energies that are available to us in our Qigong practice.

To begin,  Sigong explained the way the Earth’s movement under the stars and how the moon follows the constellations creates the cycles of days and months and how, within those cycles, we are connected to different clusters of stars or hotels / mansions that have particular energies. The 5 elements ~ 4 directions plus the centre ~ also play a part with the animals that are associated with them: the Dragon in the East, the Turtle in the North, the Tiger in the West, the Phoenix in the South and Man standing at the Centre. We were blessed to have my Sifu, Jessica Tse’s beautifully drawn chart representing all this to help us to visualize. Interestingly, the meaning of the calligraphy on this year’s polo shirt ties in so beautifully to the theme of this form:  天人合一  Tiān Rén Hé Yī – Heaven and Man are One. All this has given extra meaning to the powerful opening movements of the form which we learned today, connecting with heaven and earth and the environment all around.

Sigong told us a story he really loves about a man, whose name sounds like Bai Le, who was able to assess the potential of horses by “face telling”. One day he sees a horse carrying a heavy load at the market.  He takes off his cloak and covers him because he feels sorry for him as he seems unwell. He can see that his potential is not as a labour horse but as a war horse, good for battle.  So we can count our lucky stars if someone notices our potential and can help us develop our talent.

Thank you Sigong for a fantastic and exciting beginning to our year!

Lee Masters

Great to come back to this form — after COVID I was worried that first 2019 seminar was going to be all we would get for a long time. I don’t have the space to do it well inside though. The martial aspect is coming through again already and I feel very energised. LeeB

Great to start this form again. I like how the movements are clearly based on the energy of the wild goose – makes sense if this was traditionally a foundation form in the system and taught before 1st and 2nd 64.
Looking forward to more.
Thank you Sigong.
Paul Hogg

It felt so nice to start the New Year with the 28 Constellation Gong. I could feel a rush of different energies coming in from every direction! Looking forward to learning the whole form. Thank you, Sifu, and Happy New Year! Manuela

Wonderful first 28 Constellation Gong Seminar. The movements feel big and open and I already feel energy moving which is unusual for me. Great to have the assistance of Siba Mike who’s sharp eyes helped me get the first few moves right. Thankyou Taisigong for a nice seminar. Daniel

It is great to go back to 28 Constellations Gong form, having learnt the first part twice, looking forward to the details and learning the second part! Nice and strong energy, I like how it works the lungs, shoulders and upper body. Thank you Sigong. Christine

I enjoyed the first movements of 28 Constellation Gong. Some of the moves are reminiscent of Swimming Dragon. I like the energy. My guess is this would be a good form to practice in tandem with Moon Gong. Looking forward to next time! Thanks very much Sigong. Peter Hogg

Really interesting form. The connection between earth sky and centre is felt by the body already. Thank you Sifu

Very interesting lecture today for 28 Constellation Gong and exciting to start this great form from the Dayan Qigong tradition. Thank you again for sharing these amazing skills Sifu
Peter A

Sifu, thank you for the wonderful seminar. Such a lovely form! And, for the excellent explanation of the star signs and their movements. I look forward to more. The chart was really beautiful, Simo!

Thank you Sigong the seminar, its great to start the year off with a new Qigong form, looking forward to learning more.

It is a really good opportunity to revisit 28 Constellation Gong. Now I can see a lot more details than the first time and looking forward to complete it! Thank you, Sifu!