28 Constellation Gong Part 2

Grandmaster Tse, shared with us how to connect with the night sky through this ancient form, 28 Constellation Gong.

As a Westerner I recognise some constellations discussed within the Tse Qigong Centre, like the Big Dipper, but some stars are grouped differently in the Chinese lunar tradition. For example, the constellation Sagittarius from Greek mythology is part of the Basket Mansion in the Eastern Green Dragon. This dragon symbol houses the moon during seven days in a lunar month and was the focus of 28 Constellation Gong part two seminar. 

In the centre of the Chinese 28 Constellations there is a grouping of stars that is universally familiar – the Big Dipper/‘Purple Star’. 28 Constellation Gong starts in the centre and then travels eastward. Our style of Qigong always follows nature and guides us to connect with it more. This is one way Daoism influenced our skill. Just as the morning starts with the sun rising in the East, and the Chinese Lunar New Year (also known as the Spring Festival) starts with Spring, so we also travel eastward first. With each step we connect with one of the Seven Mansions (constellations) of the Green Dragon of the East (东方青龙: Dōng Fāng Qīng Lóng). 

Sitai’s skilful artistic rendering of the Green Dragon illustrates how the Seven Eastern Mansions sit within the dragon’s body. We spread our wings and fly up, travelling from the Green Dragon’s horn (角: Jiăo), to its neck (亢: Kàng), down its long upper body/root (氐: Dĭ), to its belly/room (房: Fáng), to its heart (心: Xīn), to the base of its tail (尾: Wěi) and then to the curl of its tail/basket (箕: Jī). We then gather our work and turn around before flying back revisiting these seven mansions on our way back to the Big Dipper. 

After exploring the sky, Sigong grounds us with a story. One day a mother and her son are walking along a beach. Unfortunately the fish start dying from being washed ashore. The dying fish are innumerable. The young boy about aged ten picks up one fish and returns it to the water. His Mom asks him, ‘Why?’. The son answers, ‘I can’t save them all but I can save that one’. So, don’t give up when a task seems overwhelmingly impossible. It’s not about whether we can do the big things; it’s the little things that make a difference. Sigong reminds us to apply the moral of this story to how we go about our own practice. We don’t have to practice for long periods at a time if it’s not possible – ‘every minute of practice counts’. String five or ten minutes together where you can and start there.

Thank you, Sigong and Sitai, for connecting us – with wisdom and skills through the ages, with others around the world, with nature here on earth and with the stars, sun and moon above. 

by Kay White

Student Comments

A really good 28 constellation gong part 2 seminar. I really appreciate the expansiveness and softness of this form. For someone who contstantly has tight shoulders, this form was a revelation. A chance to explore being open. Thankyou Taisigong for teaching this again. Daniel

Some movements are bigger than I think and some are smaller! I remember last time really feeling like this form was helping me to link the external movement to the internal body and that feeling is coming again. I loved the dragon picture and it is interesting to go back over the constellations! Thanks Sigong and also Sitai for the detailed pictures! Lee B

Really enjoyed the lecture today, with the detailed explanation of the first 7 constellation names and the beautiful drawing from Sitai. Nice strong movements, opening the whole of the upper body area. Saying the constellation names backwards will need some mental practice! Thank you Sigong. Christine

I really enjoyed learning the names of the first 7 constellations and it was a great “aha-moment” as I realised that each connected to one of the 7 steps of the green dragon walk! Looking forward to learning the other 21 constellation names as we move through the form. Thank you Sifu and everyone that helped today. Manuela

I enjoyed the second part of 28 Constellation Gong. Very interesting with the names of the constellations in the Green Dragon. I can definitely feel how this is preparatory to the first 64 – great energy! Thank you very much Sigong. Peter Hogg

Lovely form. The energy so far is gentle but at the same time powerful – I feel very refreshed now.
Thank you Sigong.
Paul Hogg

Thank you Sigong for another 28 constellations seminar. Very relaxing and can help us move from inside out from the Dantian and let go. Green Dragon constellations names from 1 to 7 and backwards very good mind training. Looking forwards for the Next one. Michalis A.

It’s great to be able to go through 28 Constellation in such detail and seeing even more detail than before. Thank you Sifu and Simo for the great drawings, they help with remembering!