28 Constellation Gong Part 3

Like many of us, I started 28 Constellation gong just before COVID and have been eagerly awaiting the chance to carry on learning this fascinating form.

I remember finding it really interesting when Sigong told us that in the past, the ancestors taught this form before the Wild Goose — as it is by no means an easy form! One thing it does help with though is building a certain internal strength, something I am finding more and more lately to be the subtle prerequisite before we can really find the relaxation in many of our qigong movements. Nowadays we have Healthy Living Gong parts 2 and 3 to help us develop, but it is fascinating to me, to take a moment and imagine what it might have been like to be thrown into studies with this form instead, and what different challenges that might have brought.

It’s a big form, not just in terms of the strength and martial power in the movements, but also in terms of the space needed to cover so many steps! The fact that we are still only on movement 5 out of 18, even after all the stepping we have done so far in the West and East directions, hints at the form being big in length too, with much more to come. Throwing in the other two directions we learned before COVID still only takes us to movement 7! As for the big martial aspect, I cannot seem to do the movements in the steps without hearing Sigong’s telling Martin and I to put more power into the movements and really feel it. I passed that tip on to several people in the breakout rooms, but after so long not practising this one during COVID it’s taking me a while to get the power right in a relaxed way. I think running out of room doesn’t help, so I’m looking forward to taking my form outside now the weather is getting better and concentrating more on the internal power whilst I don’t have to worry about taking several steps back all the time.

Sitai’s magnificent artwork has been helping bring the theory of the constellations to life for us, and not for the first time I found myself thinking that some of the lovely drawings she has done to help us during lockdown would make for really special and eyecatching limited edition seminar series T-shirts. Who wouldn’t want a pretty 28 constellation shirt, or even a T-shirt with a dragon, or all the acupuncture points on it as per some of her previous drawings! There would have to be a ban on wearing an acupuncture point T-shirt for the instructor course written tests, though…

It’s really great to be carrying on studying — Thanks Sigong for bringing this one back, and I am excited to learn some more!

by Lee Baylis

Enjoyed the lecture today for the 28 Constellations part 3 seminar. Was good to learn more about the Green Dragon and White Crane look and meaning. The movements are powerful and open the shoulders and chest very nicely. Looking forward to learning more as I have not learnt the second half of the form before! Thank you Sigong. Christine

Really enjoying the big powerful yet gentle movements of 28 Constellation Gong. I also appreciate learning more about the culture, its symbols, animals, nature and history and how that relates to our practice. Thanks, Sigong! -Kay

Beautiful movements – you can really feel the energy of the wild goose in this form.  My chest and spine feels open and relaxed now.  Thank you Sigong.  Paul Hogg

The third part of 28 Constellation Gong was lovely – nice and warm and my back and chest feel     open and relaxed. The energy here is good and goosey. I’m looking forward to next time. Thank you Sigong. Peter Hogg🙏

28 constellation is a very interesting form. I’m enjoying the way that the lectures/philosophy relate to the form. Looking forward to seeing how this develops. Fascinating form. Thank you Sifu.  Peter A

Sigong – I’m really enjoying the 28 Constellation Gong form. The lectures for this form have been very interesting, learning about the different constellations and the names (and pronunciations) of the parts of the constellations.  The movements are very familiar, have a nice flow and feel good in my arms, shoulders and chest. Lookning forward to learning about the other constellations and the rest of the form. Thank you Sigong! – Chris

28 Constellation Gong creates a lot of Qi and is very dynamic. Really enjoying going through it again to polish and learn new parts. Thank you Sifu, looking forward to the next part!  -Radu

Thank you Sigong for yet another brilliant lecture introducing the white tiger after the green dragon. I love all the polishing and all the movement in this first section opening the chest, upper and middle dantians. Looking forward to next time.  Lee Masters

Thank you Sigong for another great seminar. The form is relaxing bit also powerful. It feels like a pump, collecting qi from the four directions. We have vine red 2 and learnt 14 constellations! Looking forward to the next 14!  Michalis A.

I am enjoying getting this form back — learning it just before COVID meant it got quite rusty in all the chaos! I was remembering with Kay in a breakout room how Sigong told Martin McDermott and me to use some internal power during the steps, and trying that again today has left me feeling great! Thanks Sigong for bringing us back to this gem of a form! Lee B

This form is really interesting and the lectures about the dragon and the tiger fascinating.  I am hoping to find out where they are in the night sky soon.  Thank you Sifu.  Vanessa