28 Constellation Gong Part 4

The 4th seminar in the 28 Constellation Gong series was all about the South Red Phoenix. 
Sigong explained the characteristics of this animal and its associated constellations, with the help of another amazing drawing from Sitai.  We also helpfully recapped the earlier lectures on the East Green Dragon and West White Tiger.  While many forms in the Wild Goose syllabus have meaning and stories behind them, the specific relationship between Chinese culture, history, the stars, compass directions and the movements in 28 Constellation Gong make this form really unique and fascinating! 
In the next part of the seminar, we practised and polished the earlier movements in the form, before moving on to the Red Phoenix.  So far it has already been evident that this form is quite powerful, and now we are starting to see some of the martial aspects, with elbows and palm strikes coming into the movements, as well as intricate spiralling of the hands.  I find this really brings my energy up. 
Like many others, I started this form in a seminar in 2019 before Covid, so I am thrilled that Sigong has restarted it, so we can polish, continue to learn and eventually complete the form in these seminars! 
by Alan Skarda

Student Comments

That’s a tricky transition but much clearer now! It was also good to talk about how the internal movement timing relates to the step. Thanks Sigong! Lee B

Great seminar today. Really brought my energy up after being ill for the last week. Qigong is so powerful – especially when we practice together.
Thank you Sigong.
Paul Hogg

Interesting story linking the Red Phoenix and handling confrontation. Enjoying learning the Phoenix steps
too. Thanks, Sigong! -Kay

I enjoyed the fourth part of 28 Constellation Gong, especially going over the names of the constellations of the dragon tiger and phoenix. Great to see everyone in the breakout rooms too! I’m already looking forward to the next part. Thank you Sigong. Peter Hogg

I really enjoyed how different the energy is for the red Phoenix walk. Very fiery. Really enjoyed todays seminar and being able to practice more this form. Thank you so much, Sifu

A very good 28 constellation seminar today. I found it really made me focus on relaxing my shoulders. I’m really enjoying the internal movements that this form triggers

28 Constellation Gong is very interesting with the connection to so many of the stars that we can see in the sky. I am enjoying learning about the four directions and their animals. The new more martial part is also interesting for a Qigong form. Thank you Sifu for great seminar. Vanessa

The first two directions I now remember quite well. Looking forward to better understand the Southern direction as well. Thank you Sifu!