28 Constellation Gong Pt12

It was very interesting to hear today's lecture for the 28 Constellation Gong seminar. Of course, we all practice Qigong to improve our health but, after we have worked on that, we can also improve our capabilities and our sensitivity to Qi.
If we can understand how the body is connected to nature and how we are a part of it, then we can see how we are connected all the time and what benefits we can draw from that and understand better ourselves.
It was also very good to learn about massage to our palms and how our palms are connected to our health and are an indicator of it, like our face. Anything not quite right inside will show up on the outside. And, conversely, we can affect the health of the inside of the body by massaging the right finger connected to the right organ or the correct area of the palm. Very useful and, I am sure all the students appreciated the knowledge.
The story of Xiang Yu was also great. The idea that you should not make it easy for yourself to fall back from completing a goal makes that goal much more achieveable. It is good wisdom and should always remind us of our practice. 
Starting the form, it felt a lot easier to go through the beginning as the movements are more part of ourselves now so we can focus also on the small details to get the energy of the movement right. 28 Constellation Gong is very good for working with the whole body and connecting to the environment and the constellations so it brings up a lot of heat. It is very nice to feel the Qi go throughout the body and work out every part of the body the legs and the arms.
Getting to the middle and the newer parts after that, the changes between directions and the fine details seemed easier this time and it was very good to see Sifu go through it so we can observe better how to move with the whole body for the South and North directions walks so we can better feel the movements.
The ending part with the focus more on the legs was also easier as we have now been through it in more detail and it feels very good to get the flow right and see how the energy goes through the movements. The newest part was also easier to understand than last time and I liked how the whole body moves into the weight shift together with the steps.
I am glad we can go through 28 Constellation in such detail so we can truly understand not just the movements but also the more subtle aspects so we can continually improve ourselves and our knowledge. Thank you, Sifu, very much looking forward to the next part!
by Radu Hurmuz

Student Comments

Now that I am thinking of the names when I step I find for some reason I am much less likely to lose count and finish on the wrong foot! Very interesting new part, and Sigong saying it will be 7 steps + one preparation again has made me realise the previous section is also a preparation and then seven steps — it’s just that they are not all the same kind of step! Thanks Sigong for keeping my brain marvelling at how these forms are put together!
Lee B
Great to hear Sigong bring Liao Fan’s Four Lessons to life in today’s lecture – inspiring us to push beyond our assumptions about our lives – to not feel trapped. Do good deeds, practice, train and change your life for the better. We all get a chance to rack up good deeds for each other in the breakout rooms, helping or being helped to sort out our rights and lefts and directions in this form. In the end, our direction in life and the form is clearer. Thanks, Sigong! Kay
28 Constellation is a tricky form with the coordination of right and left, it was good to go over it and clarify. Enjoyed revisiting the Liao Fan story too. Thank you for another great seminar Sifu 
Peter A
I really enjoyed todays’ seminar talking about how nothing is fixed, and how we can change our fate by changing our attitude and doing good deeds. Lots of clarity came to me regarding all the turns and coordination needed in the movements. The energy of the new spiralling movement feels really nice. Thanks everyone for your help today, and thank you, Sifu, for another very enjoyable seminar. Manuela
Really lovely lecture today showing how doing good deeds can change and improve our fate. Good deep polishing on the movement as well. Thank you Sigong and all in the playrooms.. Lee M.
Great to polish 28 constellation today, and nice to catch up with people around the world in the breakout rooms. Thank you, Sifu. Vanessa
28 Constellations is definitely a form where I have to concentrate to get the correct side, the correct hand in or out and the correct number of steps! Very interesting lecture on Liao Fan life, I have the book and will read it again… Many thanks. Christine