28 Constellation Gong Pt7

In seminar 7 we have learned movement 7! With 18 movements on the sheet we’re still not half way through the names in the form — so we have a lot to go yet, but what we have so far takes up an awful lot of space.

Repositioning myself repeatedly in the middle of the long 7 step walks is frequently causing me to finish sections on the wrong foot, which is throwing me off connecting to the next movement more than it should. I’m taking this as a clear sign that my familiarity with this form in my head is still at the more immature stage of me counting steps, rather than my body knowing how the changes and turns should feel. A long winded way of me saying I need more practice!

The lecture this time completed Sitai’s lovely art series illustrating how the constellations in the form fit together so that we can see the animals. These have been beautiful drawings which really would make for great limited edition centre T-shirts. In the lectures we’re also all slowly learning the constellation names by heart, but Sigong mentioned that the names are not enough really — the name and the picture and shape of the constellation should be linked in our mind, so that we can truly find the connection to the constellation as we step through the form. Only then will we be able to fully fit the form together with the benefits of the energy of the stars.

I do love the challenge of trying to make this form more martial but keeping the relaxation and the flow from all our other qigong practice. I am still trying to work out how heavy the steps need to be — bringing the weight forward as we land means I have a tendency to make a very heavy step which does not feel very qigong-y. I had a great discussion with my Sifu in one of the breakout rooms about how to work on this more. There’s always another challenge!

Another thing I think I have been overdoing is the height of the leg lift when we turn from facing East to facing South between the movements ‘Opening the Shoulder wings to fly up’ and ‘Release Qi with the Gua palm to fly up’. After the martial stepping, I want to really lift up my leg with thigh parallel to the floor, and make a strong movement on this turn — but watching Sigong, he does not seem to be doing anything anywhere near as big.

We’re now further than we got in 2019 and Sigong mentioned that next time we move on to the legs — mysterious and exciting and I’m really looking forward to it! Thanks Sigong for passing on not just the form, but the rich theory and the understanding of how everything fits together!

by Lee Baylis

Student Comments

I think I have lost the ability to count to eight! Either that, or constantly taking steps back is messing up my count. This is definitely a form which needs a lot of space. Great to catch up to where we were in person before COVID — looking forward to the legs! Thanks Sigong! Lee B
Thank you Sifu! Enjoying learning how to connect with the constellations with each step and the meaning behind each. It will take time to learn everything and to understand more, so is definitely help to exercise the brain as it’s quite a lot but very enjoyable and a privilege to be able to learn this form , thank you 🙂 Carly
Interesting to hear the story about the cow-heard and the weaver girl and how the energy connects to finding your soul mate.
Lovely form – I like the big and powerful movements – makes the qi and blood move strongly.
Thank you Sigong.
Paul Hogg
A most enjoyable seminar today. I liked the fact that we went over the constellation names again and enjoyed the story about the buffalo boy and the jade girl. The explanation about how the steps correspond with the constellations made some things much clearer to me. I’m looking forward to next time. Thank you Sigong. Peter Hogg
Great to get back into 28 Constellation and have all four directions. Thanks Sigong and everyone! -Kay
28 Constellation is such an interesting and powerful form, really generates a lot of Qi. Really enjoyable seminar, great to see everyone thank you Sifu 
Peter A
A really great form, enjoying polishing of the first and middle part and really looking forward to understand the 4th walk. Thank you Sifu!
I found that the lecture, especially the story, helped me to feel more connected to the stars and to appreciate the heart of the people who named them all for the purpose of being closer. Such a sweet story of the boy cowheard and the girl weaver and how long it takes for them to be together. The movements are very satisfying and energizing and I love being absorbed in this form.
Lee M
Thank you Sigong for 28 constellations gong. It was great to recapture after long time and remember the names as well. I like the movement in all directions. Looking forwards to the next one! Michalis A 
Nice to complete the first part of the form, covering all four directions. Looking forward to learning the second part which I have not learnt before! Many thanks Sigong. Christine