28 Constellations Gong – Pt 8 

It feels really nice to have reached halfway of learning the fascinating 28 Constellations Gong form.

We have now covered all four directions: the East (symbolised by the Green Dragon), the North (by the Black Tortoise), the West (by the White Tiger) and the South (by the Red Phoenix).

In the lecture, we learned that when we study Qigong, we always emphasise on good health, but our learnings span far beyond the physical movements we practice. As we develop our Qigong, we gradually start to see things more clearly and have a deeper understanding of everything that surrounds us. In this way, we are prepared to handle every situation of life; not only knowing how to deal with the challenges that life can bring us, but also how to prepare for what comes next in life, when we are in a good place – healthy and enjoying life. Through this process, as we learn to let go, we continuously better ourselves and eventually develop wisdom. As we practice, we also notice the development of our senses of vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch, so that we can use them beyond their physical functions to understand the energies that surround us, even if far away.

We always start our Qigong practice by moving first, and when we complete our forms, we meditate to settle our energy. In nature, we observe the same cycles, of movement followed by stillness, and eventually, that movement will become stillness (or settlement) and settlement will become movement again. Similarly, we can think of Yin becoming Yang and Yang becoming Yin, as we need both soft and hard energies to develop.

Now that we have learned the walks of the four directions, it felt really nice to practice them together. As we gradually learn how to fully connect with each direction and each of their seven stars by calling out their names, and focusing our minds and hearts, we are getting more familiar with their different energies and the powerful impact they can have on us. We can now also start to relate the 28 constellations to the four seasons and connect to their energies: Spring – the excitement of new beginnings; Summer – the development and growth of our energy; Autunm – the harvest and collection of energy; and Winter, the saving and storing of energy.

After having learned the four walks, we finalised this seminar by learning the new movement that works on the legs, which certainly gives us the opportunity to continue practicing our body/mind coordination. Looking forward to learning the next half of the 28 Constellations Gong!

Thank you, Sifu, for sharing your immense wisdom with us!

by Manuela Quaresma

Student Comments

The new part was tricky to co-ordinate at first but after doing it a few times it came together. It definitely feels much gentler in the body even though we are working on the legs. I had fun in the breakout rooms too, this time I seem to have got people I don’t usually see! Thanks Sigong for keeping us going, bit by bit we’ll get it!
Lee B

Just when I thought 9 colour Qi Ball had all the tongue twisters for the body and brain, 28 Constellation Gong steps up with some surprises to keep us on our toes. Great lecture on how we develop the longer we practice. Thanks, Sigong! -Kay

Very exciting – I have never done this new part before. Interesting feeling on the legs.
Thank you Sigong for another great seminar.
Paul Hogg

This time it sunk in more deeply how we are calling the attention of the constellations to us, connecting, relating. The impact of that feels potent and exciting. Love this form. Lee M

It was good to get back to 28 Constellation Gong. It was helpful to go through the names of the different directions, but it’s going to take some time to be able to do them in reverse – excellent to keep the cognitive functions in shape!As for the form, although I found I was struggling with the newer bits, it seemed to come together in the end. I like the latest section where we smooth the channels down the legs. Thanks for another instructive seminar Sigong. Peter Hogg

Thank you Sigong for new part! It feels great once it flows. The whole form is creating very good feeling. Trying to connect to the constellations adds a different perspective in our practice!
A more wide view! Looking forward to the next part!
Michalis A.

Thank you for another great seminar Sifu. Enjoyed the lecture explaining how the philosophy fits with the form and with life, very profound.
Peter A

Great to be starting on the second half of the 28 constellations form, looking forward to learning the rest for the first time! Enjoyed the lecture, understanding more about the purpose of the form. Thank you Sigong. Christine

Sigong – I’m really enjoying the 28 Constellation Gong form. The lectures for this form have been very interesting, learning about the different constellations and the names (and pronunciations) of the parts of the constellations. The movements are very familiar, have a nice flow and feel good in my arms, shoulders and chest. Looking forward to learning the rest of the form.
Thank you Sigong! – Chris

I am finding the first part easier now and really enjoying the form as it brings up heat and really stretches the body, the upper body especially. Thank you Sifu also for the lecture, I found it very interesting to hear about how higher level of Qigong can feel like! Thank you Sifu!