9 Colour Qi Ball – Part 1

Grandmaster Tse begain teaching a brand new seminar series on the advanced Qigong form - 9 Colour Qi Ball

I was excited when I read that Sigong would be teaching the 9 Colours Rotating Qi Ball form in an upcoming seminar. It sounded so fantastic! Sigong gave a very informative lecture prior to teaching us the first part of the form, talking about the 9 different Qi balls, their colour, associated internal organ and relation to the Bagua. He also told us that we need to relax in order to be able to see the colours properly, and that the stronger your Qi is the brighter the colours will be.
When we started learning the first movement, I began to realize that the movements would challenge both my mind and body to get right. Sigong patiently demonstrated the movements and answered all of the students’ questions. By the end of the seminar I was feeling pretty comfortable with the basic movements so far and looking forward to additional seminars where Sigong will show us the other movements and layer in the details of each movement. Thank you Sigong!
by Chris M.

Student Comments

A very enjoyable start to this new form. A good challenge for the brain. Thank you Sifu. Peadar


I remember  how much I liked this form from before but I think it must be further along that I got that feeling cos at the moment I am still battling with left  n right, forward n backward n up n down!


It is so much fun though and I remember it gave me a very good feeling – probably cos I spent so much time laughing at myself.


The story is very true as you can easily lose things if don’t have the right support from those around you. I  will practice so that this first part flows because I have the support from the Tse Qigong Centre, from Sigong, Sitai, Sifu and all my sisters and brothers. Sue


Really enjoyed the seminar, straight away I can feel the qi flowing in the arms. In order to get the opposing circles correct I have to relax a lot and not think too hard so that the qi can flow nicely. Thank you Sigong for this, hope to learn some more soon. Yunki


Thank you Sigong for a great morning seminar. Very interesting how we can keep challenging the mind with 9 colour ball gong form with its opposing movements in many variations. And ending up happy and relaxed!

Michalis A.


I can’t wait for the next Qi ball seminar. My hands are warm & buzzy & I love the rhythm of moves in opposite yet coordinated patterns. I look forward to learn ing more and how it ties to the guas & colours. Thank you-Jennifer L


I really enjoyed the first 9 colour Qi ball seminar. My hands are very warm and tingling with all the rotating Qi ball movements. Looking forward to the next part! Thank you very much, Sifu. Manuela


It’s exciting to start a new form and especially this mindboggling rhythmic set of movements.  Very good fun. Thanks Sifu. Jane, from Tasmania.


What fun! This is a challenging and interesting form. My internal organs are wondering what’s going on with the opposite streams of energy going past. Wonderful movements! Thank you Sifu for sharing this precious skill with us. Vera


Very much enjoying the form. I like the challenge of the Qi circles, stimulating the mind as well as the body, creating lots of Qi; and looking forward to finding out what moves are coming next!  Duncan


Great to be back to this form – so relaxing yet powerful.  Thank you Sigong.  Paul Hogg


It is so great to practice 9 Colour Qi Ball again. I remember some movements from seminar long ago but now it feels different and more profound as some time has passed since then. Thank you Sifu, looking forward to the rest of the form! -Radu