9 Colour Qi Ball Part 2

In the second seminar of 9 Colour Qi Ball Grand Master Tse explained and expanded on why we need to follow the rules and principles of Qigong.

The first and second being relaxation and posture. Without these the qi will not flow through the body to make us healthy. It is not until we are able to do and understand these we can start to concentrate on the acupuncture points within the movements.

Sifu went on to explain about seeing colours and how we all can do this with practise and at different stages in our training. The most important rule being practice. The more we practise the easier it becomes to see colours which may start off as smoke or a haze. We do not see these colours with our eyes but sense it through our sky eye. Practise also brings calmness and settlement.

After the lecture Sifu went over the part we had learnt previously explaining in detail any queries we had. Just as we had got to grips with these challenging moves a new move was thrown into the pot to test our co- ordination. These moves are helping our channels to open. Although this form is challenging you can see by everyones face  how much they are enjoying the form. We are all looking forward to the next one.

by Ann Sim

Student Comments

Nine Colours Rotating Qi Ball is like a tongue twister for the brain. Love this form and great to revisit it. Thanks, Sigong! 
Loving the rythmic Qi flow of 9 Colour Qi Ball. With practice and relaxation I  expect it to be even better. Each seminar, form and lecture opens  and deepens aspects of our learning. Thank you Tai Sigong. 
-Jennifer Leaf
Lots  to practice and polish for next year.  It’s quite the challenge. Thanks to you Sifu and to all for help.  Happy Holidays.  
-Jane and Vera in Hobart.
Great seminar today. I enjoyed the lecture about the basics and principles of training qigong. Without these elements we run the risk of just doing a lot of movement without ever really doing qigong. The more I train the more I have come to realise that it is not so important knowing a great number of forms but rather having good quality in the forms you do know. That being said, it is wonderful to have the possibilty to do this form again in so much detail.
Thank you Sigong.

-Paul Hogg

 9 Colour Qi Ball is a real mental challenge. Today’s seminar was very enjoyable as we revised part 1 and took on the next challenge. Thank you Sifu.

The 9 colour Qi ball is such an amazingly challenging form, it’s exhilarating how it makes the brain stutter… and we’re only just getting started!
The early morning start on a form like 9 Colours Qi Ball is an excellent start to the day, we had a very good lecture on the principles and points on the approach to doing Qigong, Sigong pointed out that relaxation is very important and also good posture so that Qi can move around the body and the internal organs can get the full effect of the exercises that we do, it’s good to come back to the 9 Colours because I did it before on previous seminars it clears up the bad habits I have picked up and clears the the knots I got myself into, I feel better and happier and less confused with movement now than I was before. Thank you Sigong for an enlightening class and a great lecture, 
While going through the 9 colour Qi Ball, I was aware that my shoulders were occasionally too high and it made me think about what Sigong had said in the lecture that Relaxation and Posture are the key principles of the Dayan Qigong System.
We need to copy the movements first, then we can learn to relax and be aware of our posture. Then, we can think about the acupressure points, connect together and move from the inside out. When we follow the principles, as Sigong said, the energy will flow and the Qi will settle and in the end all things will happen – be healthier, more clear, enlightened and have more wisdom.
Sometimes I need to remember the principles and just relax and the rest will – hopefully – happen.

Thank you Sigong for being the Keeper of the Forms.

Thank you Sigong for the next part of the 9 Colour Qi Ball seminar. I’m really enjoying the sequence so far, it really forces me to relax and not think too hard otherwise it can go all wrong. Will be practicing this form a lot in the coming weeks.
I remember a few movements from the first time I did the 9 Colours Rotating Qi Ball seminar some years ago. I now see more detail than before and it is also easier to focus on separate movements at the same time. Thank you Sifu for teaching this form again, looking forward to perfect it!