9 Colour Qi Ball Part 4

Rotation was the key word in this seminar. Sifu’s lecture focused on the creation of the Xiao Dao Tian (Small Heavenly circle).

This is the cycle of energy that is created within the body when the Du Mai and Ren Mai connect. Fang song and Shou gong helps the formation of this cycle. However, it is not easy and requires a lot of practice as more energy is required to cover the two gaps that link the two Mai’s.  Closing the mouth and slightly bending the knees helps the Qi be stronger. This in turn, helps close the gap. When doing exercises like Big Bear stretches or meditating, we can feel the natural flow of Qi. The Dantien becomes firmer and the mind clearer.

The movements saw more walking with plenty of hand and arm rotations. Sifu revised the earlier parts and clarified some of the trickier transitions in the form. The breakout rooms were very helpful as we discussed and helped one another. The photos and video clips after the seminar were helpful. I felt really good at the end of this excellent morning seminar.

The moral of the story told by Sifu: “When you give from the heart the result is always different.”

by Peadar Hanratty

Student Comments

It’s been a long week & I was extremely tired before seminar that I almost cancelled. So glad I didn’t as with each circular motion I awakened & feel Alive! -Jennifer


Interesting to start with the Qi balls, looks like it could get complicated! Very enjoyable thanks Sifu.  Jane,  from Tasmania


Such a lovely form and quite unique in character compared to other Wild Goose forms.  It feels like the circling movemnts are gently and steadily charging up the body until every cell is glowing and buzzing with qi.  Thank you for a great seminar Sigong.  Paul Hogg


9 Colour Qi Ball is a wonderful form. The coordination between all the movements is intricate and because of that we have to be even more relaxed do to it properly. Thank you Sifu, looking forward to the next part!  -Radu


Part of the pleasure of doing this form is getting the coordination right, whilst the other part seems to be because of all the circular movements themselves. Either way performing this form feels great and we’ve only just reach the first Qi ball. It was fascinating to hear the details about the Small Heavenly Cycle, and the story about village and the garlic is a new favourite of mine. Sam


Thank you for another interesting lecture on Xiao Zhou Tian. It is so helpful to revisit 9 Colours Qi Ball so we can focus on the details this time around. Thanks, Sigong! Kay


It’s going to be challenging because of its flow and to change direction. Coordination is key, so my thinking cap is on, and to approach it in a relaxed manner, thank you, Sigong, for helping me to look next level of self understanding and also to my seniors and brothers which also help with my understanding. Earl


Really enjoyed the seminar, walking backwards is really interesting and very glad to have reached the 1st qi ball. I also hope to hear more about the theory behind this form, especially seeing colours. Thank you Sigong, Yunki