9 Colour Qi Ball Part 6

When we practise Qigong, we work for good health in both body and mind. It is said that spirit and life must be trained together i.e., Xing Ming Shuang Xiu.

Today’s lecture focused on the importance of this phrase and the benefits of cultivating both good spirit and good life. Movement (Ming development) is very important and we train it in different ways e.g., Qigong, Chun Yuen, Wing Chun, Taiji, Hard Qigong. The spirit changes from soft to strong depending on which discipline we practise.  Without meditation we will struggle to reach our true potential and develop our Xing (Spirit). We have five types of meditation, we must learn to practise, calm down, relax and let go. When your spirit is up your energy is good. Your mind is clear, you have a purpose in all you do. Your relationships with nature and people are loving.  We train Xing Ming together to help our bodies reach a higher level and clear our minds to benefit all we meet.

In spite of an unstable bandwidth connection Sifu did not panic and proceeded to give a very good seminar. Demonstrating and answering questions Sifu polished our earlier moves and taught the new moves. The breakout rooms as usual were invaluable and very helpful.

The moral of today’s story: When the mind is good, you will not judge, until you have the full story.

by Peadar Hanratty


Interesting lecture on 性命雙修.

Great to see the movements of the qi balls 1 through 3 and get a clearer understanding of the energy and flow – every time I look I see a new facet.  Thank you Sigong for another enjoyable seminar today.  Paul Hogg

Thank you, Sifu, for the lecture. It clarified again how qigong touches all the aspects of our life.

Great story! It was very short and quite funny but it contained a profound lesson.  Vera

I enjoyed the lecture focussing on the Xing Ming Shuang Xiu then the warming effect of the 9 Colour Qi ball & it has a nice rhythm. Look forward to more next time. Thank you TaiSigong. -Jennifer

Great lecture on Xing Ming Shuang Xiu – how we develop both the our nature/mind and body for good health. And what this means in practical terms – the cause and result. Looking forward to hearing about Shuang and Xiu next time! Thanks, Sigong! Kay

Even just 20 mins of practice this morning of the 9 colour Qi ball was all worth it! Thanks Sifu for another great seminar! Jonny

Thanks for all the polishing, it’s good to see how the hands and body match.  Jane, Tasmania.

It felt really good to be back as seemed like ages.  It’s so good to see Sigong demonstrate an to be able to ask questions and then work it out from there. As usual, as much as I love learning the forms, I never get tired of the stories. How many times have I heard some terrible headline in the news, only to find that the full story is nothing like the headline they try to portray. Patience will tell the truth. Thank you Sigong for being the keeper of the  Forms and the teller of the stories. Sue

Very much enjoying Nine Colour Qi Ball. It’s a great form to relax and understand more about Qi and how we can move better to feel it. Thank you, Sifu!  -Radu