9 Colour Qi Ball – Part 7

In this lecture at the start of the session, Sifu translated the first chapter of the Dao De Jing for us. This states that “Emptiness”, that which is formless and nameless, is the origin of space and all that it contains (Heaven and Earth).

It is a profound concept, similar to the concept of “Wuji” in the Yijing.

On the other hand, whatever has form and can be named produces all phenomena in nature (“Something”). In the Yijing this would be Taiji (Wuji creates Taiji).

Here in the Dao De Jing, the same idea is conveyed by the words “Wu” (Nothing) and “You” (Something). These two, “Nothing” and “Something”, come from the same place; they are different, but can function as a gateway to understanding and enlightenment.

If we can empty ourselves consistently, let go of our own views, we can understand not just other people and their points of view, but also gain insight into many views. We need to be “empty” and to think of others, not be attached to our way of thinking and seeing, our own interests.

This helps us to understand the root of what Sifu is discussing in his Qigong Dao blog: that we need to practice both physically and mentally/spiritually, if we are to progress in our qigong. To neglect the Xing, the spiritual side of practice, is to miss this doorway into the mystery of Nature.
by Jane Pollard

Student Comments

A pleasurable evening – enjoyed the lecture getting insight into the Dao de Jing  and the connection to Wu & Yao, Ming & Xing. The practice was good going over and over the ball walks with with all my Qi mates. Thank you Taisigong – Jennifer Leaf

“I really enjoy learning about the profound teachings of the Dao De Jing. Today we learned that “Emptiness becomes Something”. I am also really enjoying the challenge of learning how to rotate all the Qi balls and the amount of energy it brings up! Looking forward to the next Qi balls. Thank you very much, Sifu! Manuela”

Always fascinating to dive into the mysteries of the Dao De Jing.

Great fun trying to coordinate all the Qi balls – feels powerful when everything falls into space.

Thank you Sigong. Paul Hogg

After some time I caught up with some previous moves. We are now in 4th ball and practicing is bringing up a lot of heat. Nice form, good work for body and brain. Thank you Sigong! Michalis


Enjoyed lecture on the first chapter of the Dao De Jing and how it differed from the Taiji Poem from Yijing. Always great to catch up and practice with other students around the world! Thanks, Sigong.  Kay

Lecture very interesting Sifu, makes one think. Great to polish form and thanks to all for the help. New part will take time for the body to get used to. Peadar

Four balls is getting quite complicated for my brain – looking forward to finding out the next bit for more work for the grey matter!  Enjoying Nine Colours Rotating Qi ball, thank you Sifu.  Vanessa

The new part, with circling steps whilst walking in a circle, is quite a bit more challenging than it first looks! Really enjoying the “mind tingling workout” of the form so far, it feels great once everything starts moving together. Sam