9 Colour Qi Ball – Pt 10

In the Wild Goose system, we use many different numbers. Is there a reason for using different numbers? Today Sifu explained the importance of numbers and how they originated.

Fu Xi, a cultural hero in Chinese mythology is credited with creating humanity and the invention of music, hunting, fishing, farming, cooking and so on. His powers were attributed to his reading of the He Tu map. This map was revealed to him on the back of a mythical dragon horse that emerged from the Luo (Yellow) river. This map is usually paired with the Luoshu Square (Magic Square).

Overall, the map is a square made up of a series of dots ranging from 1 to 9 some of which are dark (Yin energy) and others open (Yang energy). The numbers relate to the 5 elements which in turn connect with the organs. 1=Water, is associated with the kidneys (Yang organ) and 6=urinary bladder (Yin organ). Water always flows down, so these numbers are placed at the bottom of the square and their location corresponds with the Chinese compass. Sifu also explained the other numbers and their relevance.

Sifu then highlighted that in the system we move left to benefit Man’s energy (or clockwise) and right to benefit Woman energy (or anticlockwise). Even if we have two or more situations one must be dominant. For example, we have 3 dantiens but the lower dantien dominates. Likewise in our forms, right can sometimes be more dominant than left or vice versa.

In 9 Colour Qi Ball there is much focus on numbers and movements left and right. Today Sifu revised the form with us and clarified any issues that arose in the breakout rooms. The form is a challenge but it creates a beautiful and peaceful energy. I also feel that the early morning seminar adds to this tranquillity. Of course, for those “down under” its later in the day and may give a different type of feeling. The new part introduced will benefit the skyeye.  However, much practise is required. Thank you Sifu for a very enjoyable and informative seminar.

Moral of today’s story: “Never judge a book by its cover.”


by Peadar Hanratty

Student Comments

Great to go through some of the meanings of the numbers and how they relate to yin yang, the five elements and other categories of energy that we can find in nature.
The story of the ugly man with the good heart made me think of how sometimes our qigong movements might not be beautiful or sometimes they are – in the end, however, it is the principles and what is happening inside that is more important.
I’m enjoying the movements of the form more and more and starting to notice how the different circles of the arms and legs are connected to the body – it reminds of the Chan Si Jin exercises from Taiji – very powerful for making the qi penetrate all parts of the body!
Thank you Sigong. Paul Hogg

This is a truly amazing form and one that challenges both body and mind. The inventiveness of our ancestors is admirable.
Thank you, Sifu, for a great session.

I really enjoyed the lecture this morning of the 9 colour Qi ball, discussing the yi Jing numbers directions and meaning as well as the form thank you for another great seminar ! Jonny

I love the the repetition of these challenging coordination moves – its making sense in my mind – practice practice to get the body to follow. Reviewing the dragon horse also helps get deeper feeling of the meaning of the various energies. Great night – Thank you TaiSigong. Jennifer

Great to review the Dragon Horse pattern, distinguishing between the numbers that are yin and yang for each of the five elements and how it s represented with black or white dots. Also great to develop understanding of the qi balls with each bagua and to review details near end of this form as these are less clear than the start. Thanks, Sigong! Kay

Another great seminar Sigong! Very powerful practice for both body and mind. Need to practice to let go as it still challenges in terms of sequence and right coordination! The new part with double steps adds another level. Looking forwards to next part next year! Michalis A.

I know my comments are supposed to be about the seminar but I would just like to say how good it was to see my Martial Arts Family today, I’ve missed you all.
Right back to business – As I say with all of the seminars that I’ve learnt there are many challenges to face and it’s easy to become overwhelmed but just take one step at a time and persist and it will all work out in the end. Which for me means I’d better get practicing! Thank you very much Sigong for all your persistence. Sue

9 Colours Qi Ball, a sense of achievement is what I feel when the form starts to come together from the forward to the backwards step rotations and coordination challenging moves. I enjoyed the lecture about numbers and how they relate to the body and the elements and the organs and directions. Thank you, Sigong, for the body and mind training. I enjoyed it very much. I look forward to next time. earl

Enjoying the brain exercise that this form is giving me. As someone said in a breakout room, the earlier parts of the form work on the internal area a lot and the later parts on the synapses in the head. Thank you Sifu, looking forward to more next year. Vanessa

9 Colour Qi Ball is a very enlivening form and really works on the mind and the ability to let go so you can move in opposite directions and to form new pathways of understanding. Thank you Sifu! -Radu