9 Colour Qi Ball – Pt15

Myself as well as others were quite curious about some aspects so there were quite a few questions to better understand how to meditate and how to understand meditation better.
I like practicing Nine Colour Qi Ball as often as I get a chance. It helps with co-ordination and also thinking and opening the mind to help better with meditation. So I am quite happy that we have gone through it again today.
Sifu started the lecture by discussing sleep. It’s very important for health and it was very nice to hear more about it and to better understand what to do if we can’t sleep or can’t fall asleep easily. Of course, it’s good to have good health and if we have good health we will sleep better but sometimes it can even be things we worry or think about that interfere with that.
The best way to help is meditation. Sifu demonstrated and discussed the principles and the posture for it and then asked the students if they have any questions. Myself as well as others were quite curious about some aspects so there were quite a few questions to better understand how to meditate and how to understand meditation better. Really happy to see the principles and the details and to understand them better.
Afterwards, as we started the form, we went through the part up to the nine Qi balls. This part I am quite comfortable with and I feel I can now better understand how to let go of the control of the hands in order to move in the right way. This is important because, even doing all the movements right but not having that relaxation and that energy, the form won’t be right.
In the nine different kinds of walks, it was very nice to polish the movements and the understanding of them some more and also to help other students in the separate zoom rooms. Also to see senior students as well and to get help from them was very useful as I could ask them to see if there is anything in my movements or energy that wasn’t quite right. I feel I understand the sequence of the walks much more now. However, after going through the last walk, I am looking forward to the next seminar as I really want to better understand the last 3 walks so I can better feel the energy of this wonderful form.
Nine Colour Qi Ball is quite unique in that it asks you to let go more. This relaxation feels very good for the body and the mind and I see how the different walks are increasingly more tricky or unusual in order to develop that energy. Can’t wait to finish the form and to practice it often.
Thank you Sifu and senior students for a great seminar and a great form that is helping me to develop my knowledge and my ability! Looking forward to next seminar!
by Radu Hurmuz

Student Comments

The helpful lecture and continually going over the Qi ball moves –
starting to gather more detail and deeper understanding. For example I
am still working on the shape of the challenging walking moves, but
tonight – always knew we were alternating but really helped me knowing
that we always release then gather. -Jennifer L

Even though my brain is hurting from coordinating all the walks I really
enjoy the nice flow of Qi energy in this beautiful form and the lovely
movements thank you Sifu and everyone for another great seminar ! Jonny

Thank you Sifu for a great seminar today. Sleep is so important and your
lecture was very helpful. A great polish on the form. I feel very good
with this form. Thank you Sifu and to all in the breakout rooms. Peadar

Nine Colour Qi Ball pt 15 was an awakening for the mind when done in the
morning, but as you go through, it becomes clearer each time the energy
starts to pick up as well you are fully awake and aware even through the
mind boggling parts totally enjoyable thank you Sigong for this
uplifting form after a brilliant lecture thoroughly enjoyed it

Interesting lecture on insomnia and how we can use meditation to bring
our body back into balance and better fall asleep. Getting close to the
end of the form – the xiaozhoutian walk is a good coordination
Thank you Sigong.
Paul Hogg

Thank you Sigong for another seminar of 9 colour qi ball. Great
polishing and good feeling afterwards. The talk about sleeping and the
relaxation through meditation was very interesting and motivating too;
let go and let things happen! Michalis A.