9 Colour Rotating Qi Ball – Pt3

After quite some time we came together to continue our 9 Colour Qi Ball form.

Sigong talked to us about the way that our Qigong practice is helping us through Six Roots which we can perceive as changes in the quality of our senses. Through the Eyes we start observing more, not only things in the room around us but even further. This increased awareness can even protect us from dangers that lie around and Sigong mentioned that this can be not only with the physical eyes. Through the Ears we can connect more with surrounding sounds, while many people can hear but do not understand, but when we become more sensitive we choose the good (natural sounds) and avoid the bad (like noise or excess of earphones). Through the Nose we can always sense the good or notice something is bad like an illness or energy and even connect us to a person who is not with us, even from our past. And the same happens through the Tongue and the taste as we can sense the good and bad with the saliva in our mouth being important. Through the whole Body we experience a new sensation of flexibility and coordination we feel more aware, more sensitive and our actions become different, sometimes faster but more careful and grounded and we develop a different attitude – even when we get angry we try to calm down quickly as we know it is not good for us – This “listen to your body” that we have heard Sigong say so many times, brings up an attitude that we can observe in the animals for example when we are tired and our body tells us we need to go and practice. Finally, through the Mind we avoid complicating things with too much information and our thinking becomes more relaxed, we get good ideas, we learn quicker, we worry less and even we can find enlightenment.

The story that Sigong shared with us this time was about man who sneakily got a position in an orchestra without knowing any music hiding his lack of skill and effort behind those of his team and it reminded me of a greek proverb: “The liar and the thief are happy only the first year”, meaning that they are eventually get caught.

The practice of 9 Colour Qi ball is very relaxing and it works wonders for too much cluttered thinking as you have to completely let go and let the body move naturally as we move with both right and left sides sometimes mirroring our movements. Thank you Sigong for all clarifications and we all look forwards for the next part.

by Michalis Akritopoulos

Student Comments

I am finding the moves fun & warming. Great breakroom practices. Thank you TaiSigong – Jennifer


Great to go through 9 Colour Qi Ball again. I had forgotten some connecting movements and the energy of the counter rotating front and back hands. Thank you Sifu, looking forward to better understand this form!  Radu


Really enjoying revisiting 9 Colour Rotating Qi Ball Gong; it’s such a mind-body juggling act that it is especially rewarding once mastered getting the body to move in the frequently opposing directions. It’s even more enjoyable to experience this form in a more relaxed way the second time around! Thanks Sigong! -Kay


Great feeling getting back into this form – the movements are so smooth and gentle yet it really gets the qi circulating out into every cranny of the body.

Thank you Sigong.  Paul Hogg


9 Colour Qi Ball certainly is a test of the brain and coordination. Today’s seminar helped clear up many questions and added a new challenge. Very enjoyable. Thanks Sifu.  Paedar


The 9 Colours Rotating Qi Ball pt 3 is getting more interesting or should I be honest and say more confusing – at least for me. I think I have a little understanding of some of the moves but am noticing other details that I have to add now as well. I will definitely need to think a lot about this form never mind practice ! Thank you again Sigong for keeping  these  forms for us. Sue.


Really enjoyed the seminar, especially when we start walking, the form gets very interesting. I have to relax a lot and not think too hard so that the movements can flow nicely. Thank you Sigong for this, hope to learn some more soon. Yunki


My brain is already being given a very good work out with the moves in 9 Colours Rotating Qi Ball so looking forward to the next instalment.  Thank you very much Sifu.  Vanessa