GrandmasterMIchael Tse

One of the most well-known teachers of Qigong, Chinese Martial Arts and Chinese Culture

Through the loyalty to his teachers and hard work and dedication, he has built up a strong following of students all around the world.

Respect the Teacher
Respect the Skill
More than 40 Years Experience

Grandmaster Tse has a decades of experience and has taught thousands of students. He has students all around the world, some have studied with him for 10, 20 even 30 years! However, he loves to see new students come to his classes and begin to benefit from the skills he teaches.

New students are always welcome and everyone trains together. As well as Grandmaster Tse teaching,  senior students will  help the new students and so everyone can improve together.

Spreading theKnowledge

In addition to teaching, Grandmaster Tse is a prolific writer. He has written many books on Qigong, Wing Chun, Chen Taijiquan and Chun Yuen Quan. For many years he published Qi Magazine which ran for mnay years and had a following all around the world. He also wrote a regular column in Comabat Magazine. Nowadays he concentrates his time teaching and on writing weekly blogs on Qigong, Wing Chun, and Taijiquan which can be freely read. He also posts weekly videos on Youtube.

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A WorldwideCommunity
Joining the
Tse Qigong Centre

What is the
Tse Qigong Centre?

In order to help promote the traditional Chinese skills that he learned, in 1990 Master Michael Tse founded the Tse Qigong Centre. He says about this, "There are many different styles of Qigong and martial arts, but I wanted the things that I taught to be under the umbrella of the Tse Qigong Centre. This also gave my students something that they could call their own. Over the years, the Centre has come to mean more than an umbrella for skill. It is like a family. Anyone who studies with myself or my students becomes part of the Centre.

Being a

As a member you are able to train with Grandmaster Tse and with any of the Centre's authorised instructors. You become part of a lineage which traces back to the original roots and source of the skills you learn,

Not only will you have access to high-quality skill and tuition, but you will also be able to enjoy the following:

Apart from classes and teaching, there is also a very strong social aspect to the Centre. There are often special functions like the Christmas party and class meals where students and teacher get together to enjoy good Chinese food and get to know each other better and it is also common for students to get together to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays and Chinese New Year, etc.

Tse Qigong Centre Polo Shirt

Each year the Centre produces a different coloured polo shirt for its members. Each year’s shirt has a different Chinese saying which are sometimes a well known idioms or a phrase which can help us in our everyday lives and studies. We have been offering a polo shirt with the annual membership since 2000. Some members even collect the shirts and have quite a varied collection to choose from depending upon how long they have studied. Below are shirt colours and phrases from this year to 2000. All the Chinese calligraphy has been done by Grandmaster Michael Tse