Chun Yuen Instructor Course 2023

Springtime, the annual call for the Chun Yuen course taught by Sigong for the Tse Centre instructors. This time Mike had organised the zoom details and scheduling of testing, polishing and training with perfect timing and precision, everything run very smoothly. There were many senior and newer instructors from UK Europe Canada and New Zealand. Thank you to everybody for a great course.


Chen Spear Part 1

The Chen seminar this weekend was special as we started a new form, the Chen Taiji Jasmine Spear and White Monkey Staff. It is always exiting to start up on a journey of learning a new form!


Wing Chun Residential Course 2023

This course marked the first residential course to be held in four years – the first since COVID 19. The course was held at Harper Adams University in Shropshire – a welcome reunion for many and a pleasant encounter for first-timers.


Dragon Shadow Sword Part 6

The sixth part of the Dragon Shadow Sword series of seminars began with an interesting lecture by Grandmaster Tse on energy and spirit in Qigong and martial arts.