Chen Taiji Spear – Part 8

Grandmaster Tse started the seminar with a lecture. First he described the meaning of the Chinese writing on this year’s polo shirt: 心意氣神 (xīn yì qì shén).


White Crane Sword Part 21

Part 21 of the series of White Crane seminars was the first one for 2024. It was almost three months since the last one, due to the Christmas break, so it was good to get back to it.


Dragon Shadow Sword Pt12

For the recent Dragon Shadow Sword seminar, and the first one of 2024, Sifu’s lecture discussed the external element verses the internal of Chun Yuen Quan and how they work together, both in the forms and developing our Gong Lik, or internal strength.

Hard Qigong Level 1

Hard Qigong Level 1 – Part 4

We have all been looking forward to continuing studying Hard Qigong Level 1.

The seminar was started by going through the rules and GM Tse explaining and refining their meaning.