Chen Long Pole Part 7

I was excited to do Part 7 of the Chen Taiji 13 long pole seminar. The seminar started with an interesting talk about the Chen Taiji yin/yang principle and circular movements in Taiji in general.

Grandmaster Tse explained that no matter what style of Taiji is practised, the principle of the movements and the circular ‘not fixed’ movements remain the same.

Grandmaster Tse used an interesting analogy that in movements Taiji never answers the question, therefore, in pushing hands we are always moving and circling to find answers.

Grandmaster Tse carried on discussing different types of punches that can be used in Taiji. 5 types of punches were explained and we practised and discussed the applications in the playrooms.

There was an interesting story before starting to practice with the pole. An army general was accused of a crime and put in prison. The prison guard was treating the general badly and kept insulting him. The general says to the guard that ‘fire can always start even if there are only ashes’. The prison guard did not listen and continued insulting the general. After a while, the general was acquitted of the accusations and was set free. He then asked for the prison guard but the guard was very afraid to come forward and ran away.

After the break, we started polishing the Chen Taiji 13 pole since the form was completed. The polishing was exciting and detailed. Using the long pole, Grandmaster Tse showed how difficult it is to use the pole properly with the waist and body and with the correct energy and Fa Jin. The form is very challenging and interesting at the same time which gives us plenty to work on. Thank you Grandmaster Tse for a great seminar and for teaching us this wonderful Chen Taiji form.

by Shahriar Sepangi

Student Comments

Really enjoying the polishing – getting past remembering the moves and starting to feel the power.
Thank you Sigong.
Paul Hogg

Great Chen 13 Long Pole seminar today! I really enjoyed the lecture on different ways to punch and getting the form polished. Looking forward to improving it even more next time. Thank you, Sigong. Best, Tom Hogg.

On both seminars today the follow along sections have covered two blocks — each time we have started at the beginning of the previous block, and added a new part to work on. I really like this way of working because it means we have a chance to check some of the details we just worked on in the breakout rooms — sometimes I don’t really have a question but I do have a movement I want to see again, and working in this way has given me chance to do that.
Meanwhile even with a shorter pole I still feel very warm now which is welcome on this cold Scottish day! Thanks Sigong! Lee B

Great fun to continue with the Chen Pole, and the movements are becoming clearer as we practice more. Thank-you Sifu.

Very interesting lecture for the Chen seminar, always some new angle to think about. Enjoyed polishing the form and clarifying details. Very powerful form, thank you Sifu
Peter A

Was great going over the movements of the Chen Long Pole today, understanding better the timings of the body and pole movements. It is a great workout and keeps me warm in the winter cold weather! Thank you Sigong. Christine

It’s really helpful to have these polishing sessions after finishing a form. Thanks, Sigong! Kay

Its great to see how all the previous complicated sections put together become one long sequence which flows really nicely. Today’s moves were a lot easier compared to what we just went through, looking forward to the next challenge already. Thank you Sigong. Yunki

I enjoyed the Seminar today. The lecture was about a comparison of fists and strikes within the Chen system using the principles, which was a great discussion, I enjoyed the form more, because of practice you understand more of what you want to achieve and you also get a full body workout, internal and external a very powerful power and strength builder, thank you Sigong and brothers and sisters for your tremendous help. Earl