Chen Long Pole Part 8

This was the last seminar for the Chen Pole, and though it was a short form I found it challenging. That's because I did not understand its nature until I actually got the long pole, the weight, the height, and many questions I asked myself on how this would work.

Sigong started off the seminar with a lecture, We first went over the names used in the movements with the pole and how each technique would be used. Whether strike or block or control of another weapon, actually learning this knowledge is good for memory and use.
The second part of the lecture was about a person starting from the beginning learning the form to proficiency in the five levels of Chen Taijiquan. how we learn in the beginning and our progression going by performance from forms to Toi Shou for example a beginning would be stiff and uncoordinated that level would be first level that person would be 10% Yin and 90% Yang and each stage you move say after 2 years it could be 20% Yin and 80% Yang, the aim is to get to 50% Yin and 50% Yang gaining good balance and high level in understanding and principles and essence of Chen Taijiquan,
Using a short stick is never as good as the actual Chen Pole itself because as Sigong pointed out it will develop your fajing and understanding the use of the whole body through using the waist and developing the legs and the spiral energy.
We went through from beginning to end in short stages, we would go through each quarter of the form with Sigong he then answered our questions demonstrate any part we figured we missed then we would go to the breakout room and go over that section together to gain our understanding of the exercise themselves and then work on it and figure out. If we do have questions Sigong would answer them, given that this was a short form it definitely carried its weight it was powerful and you feel like you have had a good work out,
but something you have to do regularly Sigong says or you will forget it, for me practice is a must I am sure we all agree, Thank you Sigong for this powerhouse of a form and thank you to my breakout room partners for their help too throughout. 
by Earl Gottshalk

Student Comments

Sigong’s final lecture on the five levels of Chen Taijiquan ties in nicely with the internal development needed for 13 Long Pole. It’s a short form but I’m sure I’ll be practicing it for many years to come. Thanks, Sigong! – Kay
Great finale. I feel a lot more confident with names of the techniques now.
Thank you Sigong.
Paul Hogg
Today was a great close to the 13 Long Pole seminar series. The names of the movements and the details seem much clearer now. Interesting to hear about the increasing levels of Tai Chi and the balance between Yin and Yang. Thank you, Sigong. Best, Tom Hogg.
Now I am worried I will lose this form without a proper pole or space to practice! I will have to try taking the head off my spear so I can take it outside in the square. If the bagpipers can manage it, then so can I! Thanks Sigong for passing on this interesting and energetic form! Lee B
Great to finish the Chen pole, the form is a great workout! Very powerful. We are so lucky to learn these skills and have everything explained in such detail. Thank you Sifu. Peter A
It was great to continue to polish the form and lots of details I had missed were picked up from the breakout rooms and Taisigong’s Demonstrations. This is a really wonderful form to learn and I can’t wait to get outside and practice with a full sized pole again.  Daniel
So, this was the final part of the Chen 13 Long Pole. I’m looking forward  to getting outside to practice with the actual pole rather than the grabstick in the living room together with Paul! It’s also been good to repeat the names of the techniques, which I find has helped me remember the order of the movements. This has been an enjoyable series of seminars. Thank you Sigong. Peter Hogg
It was great to go over the entire form and practice each part after Sigong’s explanations and demonstrations.  I was able to work out a few parts that I was unclear on with my breakout room partners.
I really enjoyed learning this form – Thank you Sigong! – Chris
I can feel, when doing the form fully, that the Chen Taijiquan energy is part of it and it’s a great way to increase the power by practicing with a long weapon. Thank you Sifu for this form, looking forward to being able to do it properly and to understand it more and more!
Great to have been able to practice and polish the Chen 13 Long Pole with the actual 3m long pole! The form is much clearer, especially how to use the waist and whole body to move the Pole. Thank you Sigong for this series of seminars. Christine