Chen Spear Part 2

Sigong started the second seminar in the spear series with a detailed explanation of a classic poem about Taijiquan
The peom explained the functions of different parts of the body and how they work together in a fighting situation.  Sigong broke down the poem into easy to understand parts, and encouraged us to ask questions throughout.  I am always fascinated to see classic texts like this poem, and learn more about the essence of Taijiquan from its founders and early practitioners in the Chen lineage.  
We then moved on to recap the first movements and learn more of the spear form, which I find so much fun.  Spinning the spear around is both dynamic and elegant, and requires co-ordination between the mind and body.  The form seamlessly flows from these spinning movements into thrusting with the tip of the spear.  Sigong taught the movements in detail and was always on hand to repeat them or answer questions, to help everyone learn at the same pace. 
The seminar really gave some perspective on the Taijiquan skill that we are learning, starting with a poem from hundreds of years ago, and to think here we are learning the same forms that have been passed down through the generations.  I can’t wait to continue learning the spear! 
by Alan Skarda

Student Comments

Great to do the second part of the Chen spear today! I really enjoy the circling steps while spinning the spear. Also very interesting seminar on the Tai Chi Poem explaining some of the core principles. Always good to combine practice with theory. Thank you, Sigong. Best, Tom Hogg.
Great lecture on Chen principles today. Sigong referenced a poem from 14th generation Chen master describing the internal energy and purpose of various parts of the body when practicing Chen. Really enjoyed hearing the spear noises and how they change with each new step of the form. Thanks Sigong! -Kay
Nice flowing movement when stepping around combined with the circling of the spear.
This is then followed up by a sharp stab! Good balance of Yin and Yang.
Thank you Sigong for another enjoyable seminar today.
Paul Hogg
I enjoyed the Chen Spear seminar today. It was very nice to get the stepping bit down today, as I found it a little difficult last time. Great to have detailed explanations and,  as always, a pleasure to compare notes and talk with the others in the breakout rooms. Thank you Sigong. Peter Hogg
Really enjoyed trying the next steps of the form today. Huge thanks to Sifu and all in the breakout rooms for encouragement and sharing their knowledge. The poem about the integrated nature of Taiji will provide lots of food for thought when practicing and reflecting on the new learnings too. Thanks again!! 
The spinning movement is quite tricky and I am very glad to get it right finally. Thank you Sifu and Sihing for help. Looking forward to the rest of the Chen Spear form! Thank you Sifu!
This seminar focused on 11 steps of turning while rotating the Spear. It was a good challenge for the brain. The two kinds of JIA after the turning steps was a good opportunity to JIA at different levels, lower and higher. Thanks, Tai Sigong for this dynamic form. Alisa
It was great to go over the 10 steps “signature” move of Chen long weapons forms in such a detail today. Really clear on how the movements go. Thank you Sigong. Christine