Chen Spear – Part 9

In Part 9 of the Chen Taijiquan Spear seminar series, Sigong dedicated the first part of the seminar to teaching us the names of the form and how they relate to each movement. 
Sigong allowed us to try and work it out for ourselves in pairs, which was fun as they have such fascinating names, for example: “Iron Buffalo Ploughs the Field Spear”.  Sigong then brought the group back together to ensure everyone understood correctly.  This led us to a deeper understanding of the origin and purpose of the names. 
We then moved on to practise and polish the movements learned in the previous seminars, with opportunities to ask questions and correct our movements.  I always find this very helpful as a refresher and reminder of the shape and detail of the movements.  In the latter half of the seminar, Sigong taught the next part of the form, covering a wide variety of movements including thrusting / shooting, sweeping and striking with the spear, which is such a versatile weapon. 
The spear is very enjoyable to practise, and I look forward to the next seminars to continue polishing and learning this form.  Thank you Sigong. 

Student Comments

Chen Spear is a lot of fun and tricky to get right with all the spinning and turning. Thank you Sifu, another great seminar. Peter A
Good to get the names connected to the moves – interesting fact about how writing down the names and formalising the movements is fairly recent.
I think I got the new part down. Unfortunately I had to leave on the dot for a dinner appointment so couldn’t join the last break-out room.
Thank you Sigong.
Paul Hogg
It was an interesting seminar today. I enjoyed going through the names and putting the moves to them. The spinning and turning was also an instruction in coordination with three people in the same room. All very enjoyable. Thank you Sigong. Peter Hogg.
Chen Spear is really good for better understanding both staff and spear weapons. It is quite confusing towards the middle but I am becoming clearer and clearer. Thank you Sifu for also going through the names of the form so we can better understand it!
It was really good to go over the names of the Chen Spear during the lecture time. There were 3 or 4 I could not really figure out so that clarify them nicely. Some of the movements are still challenging in terms of figuring out how big or small a circle is and which way it goes to start it. It is a very nice feeling when can find the circle in the spear driven by the circle in the body. Many thanks Sigong. Christine