Chen Spear Pt 6

In Part 6 of the Chen Taijiquan Spear seminar, we started with Sifu's question: What part of the body can you use to do Peng and Liu Jin?
I really like the spear as a weapon. Having learned some spear from another form that Sifu taught, I was, of course, very excited to do Chen Spear. First, because I also really like Chen Taijiquan and I always want to understand the principles and the application of the forms more and more. And secondly, because combining Chen with Spear seems amazing.
In Part 6 of the Chen Taijiquan Spear seminar, we started with Sifu’s question: What part of the body can you use to do Peng and Liu Jin? Is there any part you should not use?
This really set us thinking. As we split into groups, in my zoom room, we were wondering about the answers and then trying to get examples of Peng Jin application and then Liu Jin as well. We found a few examples and came back to the question to figure it out. As we returned to the main room, each person in turn explained one part of the body and how you can use to apply Peng (expanding) energy. It was interesting as I thought you could not use all parts but it turned out that the answer was whole body. Basically, the whole body, if connected correctly through the Dantian, can expand and push the opponent away. Same for Liu Jin, you can use any part to deflect or contract and to unbalance your opponent from their attack.
I found the lecture very useful and thought about, as we went through them, how I could use these in Tui Shou (pushing hands). It’s always very helpful to hear examples from Sifu and all senior students as their level is something I hope to reach one day. Not just the form but the energy and the understanding as well.
Afterwards, we started with the spear form. It took a few seminars but I finally understand the beginning 12 step rotations. It seemed so intricate at first but, going through it many times has really made the movements a lot more clear and like second nature. For example, in the beginning I would miss one or two steps if going quickly through the rotations and something seemed off about the movement. Now, having understood the positioning and also some of the energy of this movement I can see why it is as it is and I can relax into the movement to make it clearer and closer to what Sifu demonstrated.
We split into groups a few times as we went through the whole form in parts (as much as we have done up to this point). The last part is always the trickiest as, overall, it is the one we have done less of. I was also confused about some repositionings in the later part and it was extremely helpful to see and be able to ask Sifu and senior students questions about it. Now it has become a lot clearer and I can see the energy and can replicate part of it in my movements.
One thing I noticed today is the familiarity with the spear is getting better and better. The more we do and the more I can understand of each part, the better I can use the spear from all sorts of positions and in dynamic movements.
The new part was slightly confusing about the last turn but also figured that out as well from repeated views and practicing it in the separate rooms with other Chen students.
Thank you Sifu for teaching us this great Spear form and for always explaining and showing us the amazing Chen Taijiquan skill in its true essence!

Student Comments

Amazing Chen Spear seminar today! It was very interesting to discuss Peng and Lu in the lecture and which body parts could be used to apply them. All the movements from the form feel much clearer now despite every part having so much detail. Thank you, Sigong. Best, Tom Hogg
Interesting lecture on Peng and Lü Jin with different parts of the body.
I like the new part where we lift the knee up high while stepping and also the powerful fa jin at the end – very stimulating!
Thank you Sigong.
Paul Hogg
I enjoyed the seminar today, especially the first part where we had to think about applications of Peng Jing and Lu Jing, along with which body parts could be used. It’s always helpful to go through the form again before beginning on the new bit, especially when there are so many stepping sections that resemble each other. I especially like the very last movement we learned today – reminds me of one of the last movements in Lao Jia. All in all a very enjoyable seminar. Thank you Sigong. Peter Hogg
Was still a bit tangled on a few of  last month’s moves, but now much clearer on where am unclear and will get there with more practice. Enjoyed trying to add on the new part today too. Thanks Sifu and all in the breakout rooms. Pete
Last seminar I had trouble with my internet connection, so did not get the movements properly, but thanks to Siba Darryl today I managed to figure it out better! The new bit feels somewhat familiar from having done (and forgotten) the form before. Enjoyed the sliding of staff whilst walking forward, nice movement. Many thanks Sigong. Christine