Chen Spear Pt5

In Today's seminar GM Tse held a lecture on the Eight Jin of Taiji. Peng: expand or open, Lu: contract or close, Ji: two hands close together, An: two hands separate, Cai: grab and control, Lie: break, Zhou: elbow (long distance strike), Kao: shoulder (short distance strike). He explained how all movements of Taiji contain one or more of these energies combined. Peng and Lu occur together with both Ji and An and so forth. 
After the lecture we continued to learn the spear form, first polishing the previously learned sections with GM Tse and together with our sisters and brothers in the play rooms. As always, I was amazed by how movements that had previously seemed impossible now seemed natural – but at the same time new details revealed themselves in places I thought to be already well understood. The value of continuously repeating the form both in the seminars but also by oneself afterwards cannot be underestimated as this is the only way we can gain a deeper understanding of the skill and make it a part of us.
A very nice example of the Eight Jin in the form was the stepping back while circling the spear. GM Tse explained how the arms were changing between Ji and An and the stepping backwards was adding an element of Lu to the sequence.
Looking forward to untangling the latest movement in the next seminar. Thank you, Sigong! 
by Tom Hogg

Student Comments

Great lecture on eight Jing from Sigong. Thanks to Sigong and everyone in breakout rooms! -Kay
Timely explanation of the Eight Jin as the instructor course is coming up soon.
New bit is similar to the first part of the form but figuring out the differences is the challenge!
Thank you Sigong.
Paul Hogg
 I enjoyed the lecture on the eight jin – especially the explanation of expanding and contracting  opening and closing, together with examples from the forms. The new part of the spear form is a bit mind-boggling though. I’m looking forward to practicing it, as well as to the next part. Thank you Sigong. Peter Hogg
great lecture, very clear about the 8 Jin, and so much fun to revisit Chen Spear, picking up lots of good details with the timing and footwork, thank you Sifu, Peter A
Really interesting lecture on the eight jins and how they are manifested in the forms and beyond. Great new part to get both head and body round too. Thanks Sifu and to all in breakout rooms too. Pete
With the understanding of the beginning, I can now see how the ending is also similar but with the extra turn to hit the ground. I like the form very much and am enjoying understanding the spear more and more. Thank you Sifu!
Really good lecture on the Eight Jin, I understand better what those are. New part was challenging as my video pretty much cut out on the key parts, but I think I have pieced it together somehow. There is always next time to check it out! Many thanks Sigong. Christine