Chen Taijiquan 13 Long Pole – Part 4

In part 4 of the Chen Taijiquan 13 Long Pole seminar GM Tse shortly touched upon the universal attribute of good martial arts masters: they should all look healthy also when they are old, reflecting the internal and health aspect of their arts. GM Tse then gave a lecture on the movements completed so far in the form, going into details about the names, energy and applications as well as parallels to the spear.
In the seminar we went over the previous movements, asking questions and learning more details. In the break-out rooms we were given the chance to work through the form with our brothers and sisters and to discuss any thoughts we may have. Observing someone else perform movements reveals aspects that we may not have considered yet. Likewise, having someone else observe your movements is an invaluable opportunity which allows for adjustments and corrections, all leading to constant improvement. As GM Tse said: there is always a higher level of skill. 
As with all the weapons forms, I appreciate how the correct internal movement is required to obtain the desired external manifestation of movement and power in the weapon. Here the Dou shaking movement is a great example. With dedicated practice the weapon becomes an extension of the body. 
by Tom Hogg

Student Comments

Enjoyed 13 Long Pole seminar and Sigong’s story of Guan Yin and how this historic figure relates to Chen pole techniques. Thanks to Sigong and all for the details! -Kay

Great to know which movements contain which techniques. I am starting to feel more at home with the energy of the form but I really need to try it out with a proper long pole to put it to the test.
Thank you Sigong.
Paul Hogg

Chen pole has very powerful fa jing, it is interesting trying to apply the power in different ways. Great seminar, thank you Sifu
Peter A

I enjoyed part four of the Chen 13 Pole form though I can feel the effects of the ‘dou’ technique in my shoulder! I’m happy to experience that the movements are beginning to become more familiar now. I enjoy practising the form outdoors when I can use the long pole and feel the whipping of the movements. Thanks very much Sigong. Peter Hogg

A very powerful form with lots of new movements to incorporate into Chen Taiji knowledge. The last movement I like very much. Thank you Sifu!

The lecture explaining the techniques in each movement was really helpful. It is still a challenge to get the right power in the Dou movements, but getting clearer on the mechanics of it. Thank you Sigong. Christine

Looking forward to being home so I can try the techniques from this seminar and the last one on my spear — whilst away from home I have been doing these seminars on a broom handle and it is really no substitute. I look at my Sifu’s proper long pole and see the behaviour of the end when he uses Fa Jing and it looks breathtaking. My spear is not long enough, I am sure, but it has to be better than a broom handle!
Lee B

Chen 13 Pole is like a body strengthening form, going through this requires waist training wrist arms and shoulders with the legs, all this begins to work on the internal aspects and the long pole extends the energy or should I say the Fa-ging to develop to the tip of the pole, the lecture was excellent, Sigong explained what we were training to achieve and also understanding the flow, and the name for each movement. Thank you Sigong for guiding us on the road to understanding Chen and our own selves, earl