Chi Sau Day Oct 2023

For anyone who practices Wing Chun, the Chi Sau days are very special and not to be missed. A lot of people had travelled a long way to London, to practice and see all their Wing Chun brothers and sisters.

Grand Master Tse opened the seminar saying he would not start with a lecture, with so many people there, we must make the most of this opportunity and start with Chi Sau. The more hands you touch the better you will become as each person makes you face a different challenge. Once we faced some of these challenges, there would be time for questions.

With so many people chi sauing the room was full of conversation and laughter. This was excitement to see old friends and make new ones but also part of the fun of chi say is getting hit. The more you are hit and laugh the more you learn and there was a lot of laughing! GM Tse asked if there were any hands we found difficult? “What if someone holds your arm down?”. One way was to come in and catch the Wu Sau with your free hand, the second was to change to Taan Sau, but you must be fast, and the direction must be to their centre. It was very interesting to refine the details of these techniques to make them really work. GM Tse also showed several techniques, my favourite was Jyun Mah then backfist, there might be a very good clip of this on Tik Tok & You Tube shorts in the future, but the essence was how well we Jyun Máh, if done correctly you don’t need to use the hands to cover your position and it is much faster.

The seminar closed with GM Tse Chi Sauing with students/Grand students/great grand students, this is always interesting to watch, to see how GM Tse handles different people, but especially this time when the last student was Dai Si Hing, Master Moy. For me this was amazing to watch as Master Moy gave it everything although it was too fast to really see what was happening, the result was similar to everyone else. This was a great way to end the seminar although not really the end as there is always dinner which is always a joy and a special time.

by Peter Baird

Absolutely great Chī Sau day. Thank you for organising. Great food as well. Wonderful to see everyone.
Peter W

Thank you very much for the chance to get together with brothers and sisters to touch more hands. It’s an invaluable opportunity, finished off with an amazing meal afterwards. I can’t wait for the next one already.

Really enjoyed the Chi Sau day, trying out different hands and techniques, thinking how to handle difficult hands. Was good to see everyone and the dinner afterwards was so yummy. Many thanks Sigong and Sitai for a great day. Christine

I had a really nice time, really enjoyed it and learnt new techniques and skills

Thankyou for another fantastic Chi Sau day, it was really good to see everyone and each time I find something new to consider. Looking forward to next one!

Just to say thank you all for a wonderful day…so much learned from our Wing Chun family.

Thank you Sifu, a really great day and a lot of learning with so many students. Thank you Sifu and Simo!

Great to come together for Chi Sau Day. Twice in one year! Really enjoyed seeing everyone and having the opportunity to touch more hands. Looking forward to the next!