Chun Yuen Instructor Course 2023

Springtime, the annual call for the Chun Yuen course taught by Sigong for the Tse Centre instructors. This time Mike had organised the zoom details and scheduling of testing, polishing and training with perfect timing and precision, everything run very smoothly. There were many senior and newer instructors from UK Europe Canada and New Zealand. Thank you to everybody for a great course.

We all met in the main room with Sigong welcoming everybody and quickly jumped into action and the demonstration of the first forms. Xing Shou, Da Bei, Straight Sword (Jian) warm ups, Wudang Sword, Staff warmups and Damo staff. The skill of Sigong as a teacher was not only in performing but in breaking it down into sections (4) and passing skilfully from one to the other, from empty hand forms, fluidly waving the sword and then to the playful staff. After each section he answered all of our questions clearly and then off to breakout rooms where everyone would pick up a skill they wanted to polish first and then easily move to another one to pick up some more corrections.

Testing time was left for second day.  Testers, paying attention to detail of movement in order to give as many points of improvement and corrections. Further work took place in the polishing meeting, where people could select improve any of the forms (position, movement and flow). Pass of fail these tests are really helpful for all levels of students and bring their practice to higher level. For those who already teach a class to come back to their students with more clear instruction and for all students to inject new enthusiasm in the class of their Sifu.

The last part was the theoretical knowledge is tested together with some practical issues an instructor might face but mostly they are a great opportunity for discussion and for Sigong to convey his thoughts and motivate all the instructors. One question of great importance let Sigong to talk in length about the responsibility of each instructor to pass down the skill the right way. He made us think of how our Kung Fu ancestors would be happy for the skill to continue to be transmitted, not only relying on few seniors but from everyone. Sigong ‘s words and vision were very inspiring to every one gathered around!

For the very young students Chun Yuen Quan is great medium to express and expand their potential with many jumps and changes from low to high positions. It is great though for older practitioners too. As we grow older and as long as we listen to our body, avoiding straining too much and injuring ourselves, we can try the difficult movements, to test our flexibility and motion range. During practice of the forms, low positions might be more challenging when we have to repeat them often over our training, if we find it very strenuous, we can avoid going too low and then breaking the flow delaying on the way up in order to capture the principle of one single movement and keeping the flow. Chun Yuen Quan is so good skill and really good for health for all ages challenging our minds and bodies to be more flexible and maintain this for very long time!

By Michalis Akritopoulos

Amazing Chun Yuen Instructor’s Course this weekend! As always it was great to see Sigong demonstrate all the forms and answer all the questions. Also very interesting to go over the theory and admin questions on the last day. A big thanks to Mike Siba for the organisation and to Sigong, Sitai and the other testers for making the course so successful. Best, Tom Hogg.
Always happy to see everyone together so passionate for this skill. Focusing and dedicating time on demonstrations, polishing, practicing and testing really helps to make things clearer and also more beneficial for our health! Many thanks, Wouter
Really enjoyed the chun yuen instructor course, catching up with the Centre family and going deeper with the skill. Thank you sigong for the skill and the teaching. Thanks Sitai for the wisdom during the question session. And thanks for Mike and the testers and polishers. Matt L
Thank you very much Sigong, Sitai and Sisuk for organising this year’s fantastic online Chun Yuen Instructors course. Coming together with brothers and sisters from around the globe to deepen our understanding of this wonderful skill is always a highlight of the year. Sigong often reminded us that we are the only ones left keeping this skill alive, so it is vital we carry on this fantastic skill left to us by Wu Tai Sigong so it can be passed down and continued.
It is always a joy to see so many of Sigong’s forms, to hear him talk, and to see how he handles teaching a large group so easily. Also a big thank you to all the polishers and testers, I’m very grateful to be able to get their help and insight. I’m looking forward to next year already.
Thanks again. Gareth Price.
Thankyou for a really good instructor course, its very good to learn with everyone and refine the forms but also the questions on the knowledge and discussion on the tricky questions give you a lot to think about.
Peter B
As the 2023 Chun Yuen instructor course finishes, I feel a great sense of gratitude towards all those who help us to stay connected and make the whole course run so smoothly. Being able to watch Sigong go through the forms, some of them we are teaching our own students, enables us to develop a greater understanding and of course accuracy. Then of course there is the testing of our own forms which ensures the skills are maintained to a high standard. The questions and answers are a nice way to bring it to a close.
Thanks so much everyone, it’s been a great course.:)
Dear Si Gong, Sitai, Sifu, Si Suk Gong
Thank you, for another really enjoyable Chun Yuen instructor course, the demonstrations by Si Gong were really clear and showed me all the right details that I needed to see, the videos that Sitai posted really helped as well, Si Suk Gong kept the tests flowing nicely, the questions where fun. It was great to catch up with everybody on zoom from all over the world, I think we are getting to know how to use the technology and it stayed sunny in Hawarden until the end of the course, which made it all the better.
Richard Hall (Chester class)
The instructors course is an invaluable way to deepen skill levels, together, in order to maintain a high level of consistency and skills for our students across the world. We also appreciate a chance to hone our shared knowledge and understanding of how we work together. Thank you Sigong, Sifu and all the polishers for the organisation, tips and good chats! Look forward to next year! -Kay
A wonderful 2023 Chun Yuen instructors course. The polishing sessions were of such high quality that I was able to retrieve a form I had forgotten ( Da Bei). The testing as ever really highlighted things for me to work on. The questions at the end were very thought provoking. Even though I may never be good enough to teach , at least I feel that the instructor courses really raise my level so that I can assist in class when needed. That you Taisigong and all the instructors for a wonderful course. Daniel
As another Chun Yuen instructors course ends I am so very grateful for what I have learnt from Sigong and everyone else who attended.
Watching Sigong demonstrate forms is always a highlight for me as every movement is so very clear and this really helps us all to improve and ask questions when needed.
I look forward to continuing to learn, and better understand, the wonderful skill that is Chun Yuen Quan.
Many thanks Sigong.
What a beautifully run seminar that seemed to work like magic!! I feel inspired and clearer and so grateful for Sigong’s demonstrations and all the questions at the end. Thank you to all who participated. It was so good to see you all.
Lee M
Course worked really well and ran smoothly. Learnt a lot of detail not just the form I was been tested on but the questions at end of course. Much to work on and think through. Thank you Sigong, Sitai, Sifu and all polishers and testers for a brilliant course. Natasha
An excellent Chun Yuen Instructors course which was so well organised. Thank you Sifu, Simo, Mike and all the testers and polishers for your advice , demonstrations, time and patience. It is always great to see Sifu demonstrate and break down forms, answer questions and finish the weekend with a very informative questions and answers. A very enjoyable course. Many thanks. Peadar
A thoroughly enjoyable event of learning practicing polishing and most of all improving and becoming more healthy gaining more and more as you go along gaining more experience as a teacher, having more knowledge in the way of teaching, with all this comes great responsibility to carry on a skill that has kept people alive and healthy, an uplifting skill, what I experienced was not just for myself but was to watch Sigong perform and being very clear about the movement and the detail explaining even to the smallest steps breaking down a form for you. I have improved greatly through mind and body. Thank you, Sigong, for great quality teaching and guidance walking this path with all of us. earl
Chun Yuen Instructor course was really enjoyable and a real growth experience for me. Many thanks to Tai Sigong for demonstrating and explaining the Chun Yuen forms to us in such an inspiring way. It was good to see all Centre family again and share, at least some screen time, with them. Also, thanks to Mike Baker for organising the event, and for the testers and polishers for their explanations and helping us all along. Everyone’s insight and assistance made the event very special. Allistair Lomax
Thank you for another excellent Chun Yuen Quan instructors course!
It was great to come together to refresh our forms and deepen our knowledge of the skill. Sigong reminded us how privileged we are to be continuing this skill and as always there is so much to go away and think about. The forms are very powerful and can make our body stronger and our mind and energy clearer. The course has done me good. Thank you to Sigong and Sitai and all the seniors and testers for the hard work that makes it a success.
A big thank you to all involved in organising this year’s course and thank you to the polishers and testers who did an amazing job as always. Every year brings more knowledge and understanding of these exciting and dynamic forms, and a deeper appreciation of the Chun Yuen skill – there is always something new to learn! Oliver.
This year, the Chun Yuen Instructor Course was again, really great. It was very useful to see again all forms and to see and understand all the details, as they are very important in understanding the energy of the forms and the attitude when practicing. It was especially useful to polish the forms and the warm-up in order to really see how to perfect the motion and the timing. Thank you very much Sifu, Simo, Sihing and all senior students for organising this great course and for helping us to always improve!
Yes, its done again, all the work and energy on many levels. Behind the scenes and “on the field”.
Warm and caring people concentrating on a mutual goal. Progressing in learning the skill and keeping it alive, specially for the next generation.
Even though I have no control over my nerves, I enjoyed the weekend tremendously. Learned lots and love the way Sifu forces me to think when Q-A time has come.
Thank you all, specially Sifu, Simo and Mike, not to mentioned all the helpers, for this great event and making it possible through Zoom.
With a warm heart. Saskia.
Very pleasant and enriching course. I enjoyed being in the polishing room and having so many people come through. Thank you Sigong and thank you to all the organisers and testers for making this great course possible.
Paul Hogg
Really enjoyed the Chun Yuen Quan instructors course. Was great to spend a whole warm and sunny day watching Sigong demonstrate, then us practice, many forms, both empty handed and (exciting) weapons! There is always something to discover, either by observing, asking questions or listening to everyone questions. Was good to see some people not met for a while, enjoyed the atmosphere and friendship with everyone. The question session at the end showed us what we need to learn next! Many thanks Sigong, Sitai and Siba Mike for a very smooth course. Christine
This Years Chun Yuen instructors course was fun and enjoyable. I’m totally gratful for everything I learnt on the course. Watching Sigong demonstrate the forms is my highlight. Seeing all the detail of the forms, shows us how special the forms are. Thanks to all the polishers and testers and everyone who was involved in organising the course and making it run smoothly. I really enjoyed the questions part it opens our minds and teaches us much more of the amazing skill of Chun Yeaun. I’m already looking forward to next years course. Trev
Thank you Sifu,Simo, Sihing Mike and all the testers and Paul for a brilliant Chun Yuen Instructors Course. It was so good to polish the forms and to hear Sifu’s questions at the end which were very interesting. Many thanks. Vanessa
The 2023 Chun Yuen course was very special for me. Being able to polish forms and see detail more deeply and to see old faces I haven’t seen for a while as well as new ones. To get so much help from Vanessa and Paul as the polishers that gave clarity to parts of movements that helped to deepen my understanding even more. To experience learning in a way that is for me about looking at things freshly and enjoying becoming curious. Like what have I not noticed that I do now that can change?, what way of thinking of moving or history can I learn and attempt to remember of change?. Such a privilege to share this skill with all who love it. The way my energy and body feels after this course is a true reminder of why it has always stayed dear to my heart. Thank you to Sifu Moy for his clarity in teaching and passing on the skill I will always be grateful. Thank you to Sigong, Sitai and to all the testers and polishers for your kind patience and joy throughout the course. Thank you to the participants who make up the family. Go well all till next time.