Grandmaster Tse’s Chun Yuen Dairies 俊元日記 5

Although they had been left with some land, the Shàolín monks were not about losing their land, and so they decided to fight back.

History and Name Part 5

The monks knew that the King of Qin Lǐ Shì Mín 秦王李世民 (598-649) belonged to the Tang Army and the Tang Army was respected and supported by the Chinese people (later the Tang united the whole of China and became the Tang Dynasty), who did not like the rebellion of Wáng Shì Chōng 王世充, and so they decided to support him. As the area around Shàolín was controlled by Wáng Shì Chōng’s nephew, Wáng Rén 王仁, the monks decided to capture him, which they finally did and handed him over to Lǐ Shì Mín. The King of Qin was very happy, and he was able to take Luòyáng 洛陽 and defeat Wáng Shì Chōng, he then established a new dynasty, the Tang Dynasty. Although Lǐ Shì Mín did all the fighting, it was his father Lǐ Yuān 李淵 (566-635) who became the first Tang Emperor. Lǐ Shì Mín became the second Tang Emperor.

As the Shaolin monks had helped him, Lǐ Shì Mín wanted to make the monks government officials, and so Lǐ Shì Mín gave them back their land, and even more and rebuilt outside Shàolín Sì 少林寺 – Shàolín Temple.