Grandmaster Tse’s Chùn Yuén Dairies 俊元日記 11

Once we relax, our Qì 氣 will flow better. Everything inside the body will let go and go back to its normal state, and this in turn will allow it to find the way to become healthy and gather more Qi.

Principles of Chùn Yuén Quán

Part 3

Relaxation means we need to relax the muscles, the tendons, the skin and the mind. The mind is so important, and we need to be able to relax it. Every part of the body is controlled by the mind, so the mind needs to be healthy and relaxed. This means that we should try not to think too much, try and let go, and not over use it. We should use it but not overuse it. Some people never stop doing things, they are always active, even when they are sitting down. They might be having a cup of tea, they need to read something or they are on their phone. This means their mind is being used all the time. Any part of the body which is overused will eventually have a problem. Therefore we need to relax the mind and then the whole body will also relax. If there are any injuries, stiffness, problems with the skin or problems in other parts of the body, when we relax our Qì will start to heal them and bring them back to a normal. With good posture and relaxation the Qì will flow better and the body will be more balanced and healthy.

Xing Shou by Grandmaster Tse