Dragon Shadow Sword – Part 3

Grandmaster Tse continued teaching this beautiful sword form, but began by talking about things that are important no matter what martial art you study.

Today’s Dragon Shadow sword lecture was very inspiring. Sifu talked about the fact that when we train a martial art like Chun Yuen Quan or Wing Chun our hand should always be a fist, which means that we should take every opportunity to train. We don’t have to wait for a class, we can train anytime, using doors, lampposts, chairs or family members as props. We can practise our stance when we travel on the train or put on our shoes. In fact, we can train a lot of the time, even while watching telly. The most famous martial artists in Chinese history would have trained constantly to achieve their high levels of skill, like hitting a specific leaf with an arrow from 100 paces. They would have had to train their stance, strength, coordination, composure and eyesight to a high level.

The Dragon Shadow sword form is very interesting, with a lot of movements that are both familiar, but slightly different from other sword forms. It takes time to get used to the new movements, so that they feel natural, but each form has it’s own feeling and beauty. It is a real privilege to learn these amazing forms, thank you for sharing them with us Sifu.

Student Comments

Great practical advice on how to train using everyday activities, so constantly developing skill whether in class or full practice session or not. Learning the new Chun Yuen sword moves always brings a smile to the face. Thanks, Sigong! -Kay

It was brilliant to continue with the Dragon Shadow Sword today! I am enjoying the form very much. It was also very interesting to hear about the archers of ancient China in the lecture. Looking forward to next time. Thank you, Sigong. Best, Tom Hogg.

Thank you Sigong for a great seminar, I especially enjoyed the talk about “the fist never leaves your hands” and the little habits we do to keep preparing. As well that, the Dragon Shadow Sword just feels very energising; definitely one of my favourites! Sam

In part 3 of Dragon Shadow Sword we did some tricky movements, some movements similar to Wudan Sword but different order and some cool sequence. This form is a brain challenge and really interesting. Great to practice it. Thank you Sigong. Christine

Dragon Shadow Sword:
Interesting lecture on the abundant opportunities for training during the day. Beautiful new movements too. Looking forwards to continuing the form next year!
Thank you Sigong.
Paul Hogg

I enjoyed the third part of Dragon Shadow Sword. The lecture on using everyday activities as a chance for more training was interesting and practical.There are some nice elegant moves in the new part of the form that are also a bit tricky, but hopefully with practice they’ll become more familiar. Thanks Sigong. Peter Hogg

A very enjoyable seminar Sifu. The new part is a challenge. Thank you to all who helped in the breakout rooms. I look forward to learning more next time. Peadar

Thank you , Taisigong for this very stimulating and intricate movements. I appreciate that with each person in the play room brings different perspectives and different details which are all so very valuable for me as a beginner in sword.

It was a good talk on different training methods and definitely something to think more about. Its great to polish the previous parts and learn a little more of this form. Thank you Sigong. Yunki

The beginning part of the form is now much more familiar and flows quite well. I am enjoying the movements a lot as they differ slightly from other forms and the new part is intricate. Looking forward to better understand it. Thank you Sifu!