Dragon Shadow Sword – Part 4

Dragon Shadow Sword is a beautiful form with many changes in all directions and with interesting stances and attacks. It teaches a lot about the Jian and how to use the whole body in the attack.
As we started, Sifu began by explaining about the different training that we do for martial arts and also the skill and the result that we acquire and improve for each training type. From health to strength to flexibility to the mind, each one helps us to improve the form and each one is, in turn, improved by practicing the skill. Afterwards we also had a look at different types of strikes. The most common is with the palm and fist but all the other types are also important and we need to learn how to move and attack from any position and with any part of our body. This will keep us healthy and capable of defending ourselves.
Following the lecture we started the first part. I admit, some details I had missed from last time so it was really good to go through it again and understand once again the exact energy and nature of the movements. In the separate rooms, we had a chance to go through it a few times with other students and this also helped a lot to see and compare the position and movement of the sword and the exact positions of steps and postures.
In the second part, it was more complicated. There are a lot of subtle switches of position and the sword seems to take the centre point of our movement so that we move with it rather than just moving it. I found this very curious and interesting to learn and to try to incorporate it correctly in my understanding of this part. The two steps back with the switch of the sword back and forward was particularly good to get right.
Then, in the new section, it is interesting again how the switch of the sword happens like a weapon thrust with the whole body and the balance being a main point of the attack. Then switching again direction, the block feels very good and I like the movement quite a lot, especially the turn of the sword with the movement of the body. We had time to really look at it and understand it and I can see how the form will look when done at full speed.
I am sure all students had a really good time continuing Dragon Shadow Sword, a very special and powerful form that I look forward to understand in its entirety. Thank you, Sifu, for another great seminar and for teaching us this form!
by Radu Hurmuz

Student Comments

Great Dragon Shadow Sword seminar today! I enjoyed polishing and the new bit. Looking forward to next time. Thanks, Sigong. Best, Tom Hogg.

Dragon Shadow Sword is fun; Chun Yuen Quan forms always are, especially once we get familiar with the movements and can move through them more dynamically. I love the idea that the form is so quick, the shadow is all that can be seen! Thanks Sigong, Siba and everyone! -Kay

Interesting new moves today – I especially like the part where you squat down and cut with the back of the blade.
Thank you Sigong.
Paul Hogg

It was nice to revisit the Dragon Shadow Sword form today. The new moves are very elegant and dragon-like – very interesting energy. Thank you Sigong. Peter Hogg

Thank you Sifu and all who helped me today. Many parts needed polishing. Transitions I found difficult but the form is lovely. Great to learn, many thanks. Peadar

The previous seminar seemed so long ago, so it was it was good to repeat the movements and have time to practise before learning the next part of the form. The movements are quite difficult, but soon begin to flow, and the postures are very powerful. Thank-you Sifu for another excellent seminar.

Some tricky movements today in Dragon Shadow Sword part 4 seminar, but once figured out how the movements go, very nice feeling to do them! Thank you Sigong. Christine

I missed last time so it was really important to have the chance to catch up! The body twist under the sword is really tough to catch, it’s always good to have a challenge. I enjoyed the new part too, and well done Thomas for catching the energy and position on the “Rotating the sword from left to right” part which looks like a kind of stepping Jian Hua near the end of the new part!
Lee B

Thank you Sigong and everyone for a great Dragon Shadow Sword seminar. I’m especially enjoying the new part and I expect I’ll enjoy the next part even more! Good to know I’m not the only one whose got the name mixed up with Green Dragon Sword. Sam

An interesting form that is a lot of fun to learn, thank you Sifu
Peter A

It’s great to polish the previous parts and get some detail on angles and hand positions. The new part of the form is also interesting, beginning to feel a little dynamic which is very enjoyable. Thank you Sigong. Yunki