Dragon Shadow Sword Part 5

I am always eager to start the Dragon Shadow Sword seminars. It was the first sword form I learned and it is very enjoyable to go through the details with Sifu and polish the form.

Sifu started the seminar by talking about different types of Qi that we come across in our daily life. Sifu explained the existing Qi in different objects, food, home, bedroom, office and environments. Also how one can feel and relate to animals by feeling their Qi. The same understanding applies to businesses, being a start-up or existing business, one can sense the good or bad Qi about it. In the end, Sifu mentioned that it is what we do about it that affects our lives.

The last type of Qi that Sifu talked about was the Jian (sword) Qi. Sifu explained that when doing a sword form, it will become one with our body and one can feel the sword’s Qi. Not all swords work for everyone. Therefore, we need to choose the right sword for ourselves and practising with a good sword will increase our Qi.

Sifu ended the lecture with a story about a thief entering a house who could not escape as the couple who lived in the house came in. He waited and waited for 3 days but the couple did not leave the house. Eventually, he came out and was captured. At the police station, he said he is not a thief but a doctor and was studying “the wife” for three days to determine if she has any illnesses. The husband explained to the officer that they have not asked any doctor to come. The officer was in doubt so the husband suggested to the officer to bring another woman posing as his wife to test if the thief can recognize the wife. Obviously, the thief could not recognize his wife and was put in jail. A thief will remain a thief no matter what he says.

We started repeating and polishing the previous parts of the last seminars after a short break. The movements of the sword in this form are very exciting and challenging with balanced arm and leg movements in different directions. This is one of my favourite sword forms and I am very excited to go through it in detail. Thank you Sifu for a great form and for passing your great knowledge, wisdom and skill to us.

by Shahriar Sepangi

Student Comments

I love how different this form is to wudang sword! Some of the circles are so beautifully elegant. Thanks Sigong, looking forward to learning more!
Lee B
Very enjoyable Shadow Dragon Sword seminar today. I really liked polishing and learning the new move with the jump. Looking forward to next time! Thank you, Sigong. Best, Tom Hogg.
Interesting lecture on different types of qi and funny and story about tricking a trickster.
Nice new bit – I especially like the little jump.
Thank you Sigong.
Paul Hogg
I’m really enjoying the Shadow Dragon Sword’s energy; the contrast between the straight and circular motions are making the form especially interesting. Sam
Enjoyed Sigong’s lecture on sword Qi and how it relates to other situations we find ourselves in. Thanks, Sigong!
It’s great to polish the previous parts and get some detail on angles and hand positions. The new part of the form with the diagonal walking is also interesting and is very enjoyable. This form now feels quite different to the other sword forms we’ve done. Thank you Sigong. Yunki
A great seminar today. I needed so much polishing. Thank you Sifu and all who helped me. I am really enjoying the challenge of learning this form. The photos and video clips are very helpful, thank you Sifu. Very interesting lecture. Peadar
The beginning of the form now feels much stronger and more precise. The new part is a little tricky with the jump as well but I’m really enjoying and looking forward to perfect it. Thank you Sifu!
Very enjoyable part five of Dragon Shadow Sword today. I’m getting into the energy more now that the movements are becoming more familiar. Looking forward to next time. Thank you Sigong. Peter Hogg
The Dragon Shadow Sword is a great form that, thankfully, I can still practice in a limited space. I am really enjoying learning this lovely sword form, thank you Sigong for sharing this. Nicci
We did some really nice movements today in Dragon Shadow Sword part 5, complicated coordination but nice feeling to it. Really enjoying this form. Thank you Sigong. Christine