Dragon Shadow Sword Part 6

The sixth part of the Dragon Shadow Sword series of seminars began with an interesting lecture by Grandmaster Tse on energy and spirit in Qigong and martial arts.

Expanding on this theme, GM Tse went on to discuss four points. The first is ‘Internal and external together’. You have to practice to experience it, and with practice everything will come naturally. The second point is ‘External movements and the spirit are together’, in this way, just as a tree grows strong if the roots are strong, so does one’s strength develop from the inside. The third point is that ‘Spirit is the leader of the external body’. Put another way, if you move with the spirit, the internal and external will come together. The fourth point is ‘Look peaceful on the outside and nothing happens, but inside the mind, we go through many situations’. This means that we should remain unruffled by events until we need to act – then we can act naturally, in accordance with the Dao.

To sum up, GM Tse took the example of the characters on the Centre polo shirt which he was wearing: 天人合一 (tiān rén hé yī) ‘Heaven and Man Are United’, which reflects the thought that we are all an integral part of nature.

So, as far as I understand it, we are almost half way through the form. It is always reassuring that we have the opportunity to polish the parts of the form we are already acquainted with together in the break-out rooms – lots of great tips, as well as questions, from our kung fu seniors, brothers and sisters which make us examine the form from angles we may not have previously considered.

The energetic dynamic power of the Dragon Shadow Sword, together with its graceful coordination of twisting movements, dodging, ducking and thrusting, is fantastic! As always, I look forward to practicing what we have learned, but also wait in anticipation for the next seminars. A thousand thanks to Grandmaster Tse for sharing this skill with us.

by Peter Hogg

Student Comments

Enjoyed latest instalment of Dragon Shadow Sword, especially the lecture on developing the right energy for our skills and how it differs from western exercise. The story of Laozi’s messy house was icing on the cake. Thanks, Sigong! – Kay

I’m still doing the broken down versions for now to get the directions right and to help in the breakout rooms, but the flow and circles look really great and I am excited to try them! Thanks Sigong!
Lee B

Great Dragon Shadow sword lecture and seminar, a challenging and interesting form, thank you Sifu
Peter A

I really liked today’s talk, especially the part about looking peaceful, but having everything in your mind prepared. And the form is becoming a lot more exciting as the movements become more dynamic. The challenging part is getting the sword flowing well with the changing directions; a challenge that I’m thoroughly enjoying. Sam

Enjoyed the lecture today about the spirit when practicing Chun Yuen and other Chinese Martial Arts. Hearing a story about Laozi was also great. Enjoying the new movements that we learnt in part 6, nice form. Thank you Sigong.

With each seminar I feel I’m getting a better shape on this beautiful form. Quite a workout and challenge to learn. Another very interesting lecture. Thank you Sifu and all in the breakout rooms for your patience and teaching. Peadar

Dragon Shadow Sword is a really great form. It’s really dynamic and looks very good. The movements are full of changes in direction and speed. Looking forward to more of it. Thank you Sifu!