Dragon Shadow Sword Part 7 

The seventh seminar for Dragon Shadow Sword started with a very interesting lecture based on questions that arose from the Chun Yuen Instructors course during the previous weekend

Sigong began his lecture talking about Xing Shou explaining that Xing means Elements and Shou means Hand so together they are Elements Hand, or style hand.   

The elements / styles refer to all the different hand positions in Chun Yuen and all 5 are included in Xing Shou, the first form in the Chun Yuen Syllabus.  The 5 elements / styles are; Fist, Palm, Chop, Hook and Fingers. Each hand position can be used in different ways with a fist being probably the most widely used as it can be a horizontal punch used for distance and greater power, a vertical punch for close quarters, back fist or a strike with the top of the fist.  

Sigong finished the lecture with a story about two friends, it would lose too much if I tried to summarise it, but the message I took from it was to try and not imagine or create problems that don’t really exist as there is normally a simple solution.  

Being able to continue to learn the Dragon Shadow Sword is a joy, we are about two thirds of the way through now and I look forward to learning more next time.  Many thanks Sigong. 

by Nicci Pearce

Student Comments

There are some really interesting and different movements in this form and the new one is the most different yet! I feel like I am ducking an arrow and stabbing someone over my garden hedge. Thanks Sigong for keeping them coming!
Lee B

It was great to continue the shadow dragon sword today. Also very interesting to learn about the different hands in Chun Yuen! Thank you, Sigong. Best, Tom Hogg.

There are some interesting new sections in the latest instalments of the Dragon Shadow Sword. I’m particularly enjoying the leaping bits, as well as the last bit where we point – there’s something a bit mantis-like in it! A very enjoyable seminar. Thank you Sigong. Peter Hogg

The intricate sword moves we learned today end with a position I’ve not encountered in Chun Yuen Quan yet but reminds me of the Karate Kid move from the ‘80s (plus a sword). It’s always fun to learn and train this skill. Thanks, Sigong! Kay

Great new movements today, some repeat but also a brand new movement (for me at least), not seen before. This form is full of surprises and fun. Thank you Sigong. Christine

Great polishing the earlier parts. Parts I had trouble with seem to flow better. The new part needs work but I’m sure it will fall into place later on. A great workout for the body and brain. Good to learn about the different hand styles used in Chun Yuen. Thanks again Sifu. Peadar

Dragon Shadow Sword seems simple and straightforward in the beginning but becomes very dynamic and complex as it reaches the middle. Very nice sword form! Thank you Sifu!

Dragon Shadow Sword is quite a challenging form, lots of details picked up today. Thank you for a great seminar Sifu. Enjoyed the lecture and story too.
Peter A