Dragon Shadow Sword Pt12

For the recent Dragon Shadow Sword seminar, and the first one of 2024, Sifu’s lecture discussed the external element verses the internal of Chun Yuen Quan and how they work together, both in the forms and developing our Gong Lik, or internal strength.

After this Sifu talked about the principles of Chun Yuen, and how ‘posture’ is the first principle, followed by ‘relaxation’ rather than the other way round as in Qigong or Taijiquan.

Following further discussion about the principles and a short tea break, everyone was happy to begin polishing the previous lessons. This went very well, with far fewer questions being asked about the beginning of the form; this indicated that everyone had become more familiar with the movements and that they were flowing from one movement to the next with greater fluidity.

However, Sifu then introduced the new movements, and whilst looking simple they were anything but easy. Why you ask, because sometimes the simple movements can be the most difficult to perform seamlessly, thereby revealing the high-level skill of the performer.


by Rick C.

Student Comments

Great to be doing Dragon Shadow Sword again! I really enjoyed the big jump and skipping steps at the end. Looking forward to next time already. Thanks, Sigong. Best, Tom Hogg.

Sigong always makes learning fun, especially Chun Yuen Quan forms like Dragon Shadow while demonstrating practical applications. Interesting lecture on internal and external kung fu and how it relates to our development. Lots from which to listen and follow. Thanks, Sigong! -Kay

Nice jumping part today – seems like the form is picking up the pace with a crescendo before the grand finale!
Thank you Sigong.
Paul Hogg

Lovely to get back to the Dragon Shadow Sword! I like the new jumping bit and am already looking forward to the next part. Thank you Sigong. Peter Hogg

Picked up a lot of new details during the polishing of the Dragon Shadow Sword today, which is great. The new movements are again quite unusual and more difficult to coordinate, good for the brain! Many thanks Sigong. Christine

Really enjoyed the Dragon Shadow Sword seminar. It’s always so interesting to hear about internal and external martial arts and the principles. The sword form is starting to become a lot more dynamic, so even more to work on along with the getting the details and basic shapes correct, and of course so much more fun. Sam

Thank you Sifu for today’s seminar and all who helped me in the breakout rooms. I find it hard to remember but the polishing is invaluable. Many thanks to all, Peadar

It has been very useful to go through Dragon Shadow in class as I had forgotten a few connecting parts and now in the seminar I’ve been finally able to connect all parts together. Thank you Sifu, looking forward to practice it better and better!

Have really enjoyed learning Dragon Shadow sword, some interesting new moves today. Thank you Sifu, another great seminar
Peter A