Dragon Shadow Sword Pt13

Learning Dragon Shadow Sword in the Year of the Dragon is particularly special. Soon we will have learned all the movements but what we learn is far more than skilled movement - it’s about character, a good heart and healthy connections with ancestors and others.

Sigong’s lecture honoured our ancestral lineage and I was delighted to learn his full Chinese name. He guided us on what makes the best warriors and Sifus. Essentially those with a good heart will develop the best skill and will fight for the right reasons. They also make for the best students and Sifus. If the heart is right, the skill will develop correctly and we will attract good people to us. 

Sigong referenced philosophies which also develop the heart. Daoism and Buddhism guide us on how to become a high level person – one who is kind and doesn’t harm others. Rujia (also known as Confucianism) teaches how to behave and relate with others. When we learn our skills, it’s not just about the movements – it’s developing our heart, learning from philosophies and our seniors and building connections.

When we learn the skill and train the heart we become more balanced and the mind is clear. This makes for good Sifus who should aim to pass down the skill in this traditional manner: teaching, directing and caring about their students which includes testing them. Meanwhile students should follow, listen and be respectful. A bond builds which is beyond the typical transactional nature of Western transactional exercise classes and is fundamental to developing as practitioners.

Sigong ended the lecture with a traditional story, the lesson being – seek the truth, address it and you’ll bring about peace.

Following a tea break we reviewed the movements from previous lessons and Sigong then introduced the next ones. I was delighted to learn the origin of Flying Swallow Kick in Warm-Up Level II. It’s so much more fun with the sword and Sigong performing this was etched into my memory. Witnessing Sigong act it out and mimicking the sword noises brought a smile to my face. I remember Sigong saying that Tai Sigong Chun Yuen was always smiling. Those of us who practice know that Chun Yuen Quan lifts the mood and brings smiles to our faces. It was a great way to end the seminar, smiling and having a thought for our ancestor near his memorial day, 26 February.  Thank you to our ancestors, Sigong and all for sharing this skill!

by Kay White

Student Comments

Thank you Sigong for another excellent Dragon Shadow Sword seminar. This week I was able to clarify some movements which has really helped me understand this form a bit better….still lots for me to do and I look forward to learning more next time. Thank you to my break out room buddies for your help as well. Nicci

Dragon Shadow sword is a very interesting form, a lot of movements that are tricky to get. Picking up new details every time. Challenging and fun to learn. Thank you Sifu
Peter A

I missed last time so this was a crash course — Thanks Mike for helping me in the breakout room! This form is full of such fun movements and it was interesting to hear about the new movement being the origin of the flying swallow kick from the warm ups! Thanks Sigong for keeping us all on our toes!
Lee B

The Dragon Shadow Sword seminar was very enjoyable. I feel with every seminar I’m improving. Your help Sifu and that of those in the breakout rooms is invaluable. I also enjoyed today’s lecture on the relationship of Sifu and students. Peadar

The lecture was very good in order to better understand the relationship between Sifu and student and how it should be. I am beginning to understand the connection between movements more and so the form is becoming easier to remember. Thank you Sifu for the detailed explanations!

The Dragon Shadow Sword form is amazing, there are plenty of details to pick up and am finding the breakout rooms extremely helpful. Thank you everybody and of course Sigong for another great seminar. Sam

Thank-you Sifu I really enjoyed the new movements today, especially the flying swallow. Such a beautiful form with its strength and grace.

Part 13 of the Dragon Shadow Sword was very enjoyable and is now feeling much more familiar. It’s strange to think that we have almost gone through the whole form. Time flies! I’m looking forward to next time. Thank you Sigong
Peter H

Enjoyed the lecture and the story about people not telling you the truth. It was good to see one of the new movement being like Flying Swallow warm up, nice to see its origin. This form has a lot of very interesting and different movements, I enjoy it very much. Thank you Sigong. Christine

Very interesting Dragon Shadow Sword seminar today. I enjoyed the new parts with movements similar to swimming dragon! Thank you, Sigong. Best, Tom Hogg.

Great new moves today – a bit like doing Da Bei but with a sword!
Thank you Sigong.
Paul Hogg