Dragon Shadow Sword Part 15

Northern Shaolin forms are longer, more expansive and will cover longer distances as well as using more weapons, and in the south the opposite is true. 
Today Sigong built on a question asked during the Chun Yuen instructors course, the difference between Northern and Southern Shaolin skills.
Sigong explained whilst weather is a factor is isn’t the only difference. Northern Shaolin forms are longer, more expansive and will cover longer distances as well as using more weapons, and in the south the opposite is true.   In the south it is hotter and there would be limitations on space which resulted in  Southern Shaolin forms being shorter, using fewer weapons and being able to be applied in close quarters. We have the benefit of having a mix of both skills today meaning long and short forms with each form having many ways to use it and each skill having a variety of applications.
Sigong also showed the number of ways we can use the fist in Chun Yuen, this too came up during the instructors course, and it was great to get further clarification  on both of these questions. 
Being able to learn, improve and deepen our knowledge of the history, application and development of Chun Yuen Quan is a wonderful gift for us all. 
By Nicci Pearce

Student Comments

It was great to finish the Dragon Shadow Sword today! I love the final closing movement, it really ties the whole form together. Looking forward to polishing next time and seeing some more original parts. Thank you, Sigong. Best, Tom Hogg.
Great to finish the form and catching the momentum of the sword so that it changes from the first sword warm up energy to the second sword warm up energy as you turn the body is more challenging than Sigong makes it look over zoom! Thanks Sigong for passing on another of the skills, now to polish, polish, polish!
Lee B
It was great to finish Dragon Shadow sword,  it’s a beautiful form and there are lots of details to polish. The differences with other sword forms is very interesting. Thank you for another great seminar Sifu Peter A
Interesting to learn how the space available in different regions affected how various kung fu styles developed- there are so many fun weapons in our northern style, and looking forward to the whip next as just finished Dragon Shadow! -Kay
Thank you Sifu for another great seminar. The polishing was excellent. Unfortunately I lost connection near the end but I’m sure to catch up when we polish the form. Once again thank you for teaching this form and to all who helped me in the breakout rooms. Peadar
Great to finish the movements of the form! I still need a lot of polishing before looking anything like a dragon but I already feel the health benefit on my joints and my coordination.
Thank you Sigong.
Paul Hogg
It’s great to finish the Dragon Shadow Sword, especially since it’s my first ever sword form. It’s definitely challenging and needs a lot of polish, but it’s such a nice, stylish and energetic form. Thank you again Sigong for sharing it! Sam
Thanks Sigong for the seminar, it was an excellent talk about the different styles and it’s also really good to finish the form! I really like the energy of this form and look forward to practicing it.
It’s very nice to go through the principles again to build up our knowledge of training and the differences between forms. The ending of the form is good and I am glad I can now go through a dragon Shadow Sword in its entirety! Thank you Sifu, will look to perfect the form more and more.
Enjoyed the lecture about the difference between Northern and Southern Kung Fu skills, many things I did not know so good to learn. Nice to finish the form, this was always a mystery form to me, so can’t quite believe we have now learnt it! It has a lot of interesting and cool movements. Thank you Sigong for teaching us. Christine