Dragon Shadwo Sword – Part 2

Dragon Shadow Sword is quite different in its energy and movements from other sword forms. It is great to study a new skill and to better understand sword techniques and also how to use it.

Sifu began the lecture about swords and how they can be used. We went over different techniques and also the principles of how to hold and move the sword. It is really nice to go over in such detail over the principles and application as it enriches our knowledge of weapons and how to use the techniques both in the form and outside it.

However, just knowing techniques is of course, not enough. Sifu pointed out through a story how a master was victorious by simply using the sword naturally and not worrying or thinking how to counter his opponent. Being natural and malleable after knowing the techniques is best.

As we went over the beginning, I realised the energy I had remembered for this part was not quite right and, luckily, I could see and ask questions until I got it more right. Of course, there is always a higher and higher level of perfection of movement but it’s important to first get the shape and detail and then to focus on the energy.

Onward, from the second part, we started the new section. This was quite tricky at first because the form is unexpected in its changes but, little by little, we noticed all the details as more and more students asked questions to better understand this new part.

As we split up into groups again to check each other, we went over this new section in quite a lot of detail so more questions arose after that which we could check with Sifu. This is great because the more we see and understand, the closer the movements will be compared to Sifu and senior students.

I am very glad we are learning Dragon Shadow Sword. I like weapons and it feels very good to try something new which will eventually help raise our skill level with a sword. Thank you Sifu, looking forward to the next part!

by Radu Hurmuz

Student Comments

An exciting installment of the Dragon Shadow Sword today! I like the dynamic energy and the elegant moves. Thank you Sigong. Peter Hogg

Wow, we are a quarter through the names already! Some lovely movements are coming up with subtle differences from the wudang sword, but there are also some nice big movements which have a different character to wudang. Thanks Sigong — I’m enjoying this!
Lee B

Enjoying the energy of Dragon Shadow- different than Wudang and other sword forms with long tassels. Looking forward to more lectures and seminars! – Kay

Excellent dragon shadow sword today. I really enjoyed the two handed movement! Thank you, Sigong! Best, Tom Hogg

I am really enjoying the Dragon Shadow Sword and todays seminar introduced some great dynamic movements.
Thank you Sigong I can’t wait for the next part.

Very exciting new moves today – good job my sword isn’t sharp or I might have cut myself. Looking forwards to more next time!
Thank you Sigong.
Paul Hogg

Thank you Sifu for a great seminar. It certainly brought up my energy. Very enjoyable. Peadar

In part 2 of Dragon Shadow Sword we learned a big chunk, with really interesting movements. It will be fun to practice those. Thank you Sigong. Christine