28 Constellation Gong

Part 13: 6 Jul 2024
Part 14: 10 Aug 2024
Part 15 7 Sep 2024

Chinese astronomy uses the sun and the moon and also uses the 28 constellations. Each constellation covers a group of stars which spread out over the four directions, east, south, west and north. Each direction has seven constellations, and all seven constellations create an animal shape. The seven constellations in the east create the Green Dragon, the seven constellations in the south create the Red Phoenix, the seven constellations in the west create the White Tiger and the seven constellations in the north create the Black Turtle.  In the Dayan Qigong system, we have Moon Gong – Yuè Liàng Gōng 月亮功, Sun Gong – Tài Yáng Gōng 太陽功, Seven Stars Gong (Big Dipper Gong) – Qī Xīng Gōng 七星功 and 28 Constellation Gong – Èr Shí Bā Xiù Gōng二十八宿功. This means that when we practise Qigong, we do not just our own Qi with our movements, but we also gather Qi from the sky. The sky or the universe is the most powerful source of Qi, because it is old, any thing that has lasted longer has more Qi. By practising 28 Constellation Gong we connect with Sky Qi, and this makes our own Qi stronger and will help open the Sky-eye.


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