Chen Taiji Spear

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Chen Taijiquan has many different weapons. The basic weapons are the Sword 劍, Broadsword 刀, Long Staff 大杆, Spring and Autumn Big Sword 春秋大刀 and Spear槍. In China, the spear has been used for over five thousand years particularly during times of war. Chen Taijiquan is a martial art so its weapons are used for fighting. The Chen Taijiquan Spear is a long weapon and the skill is very good for fighting against a group of enemies.  In Chen Taijiquan, we always follow the principle of Chan Si Jing (Silk Reeling Energy) 纏絲勁 whether we are using a weapon or not. This spear skill is based on two weapons, one is the Jasmine Spear 梨花槍 and the other is the White Monkey Staff白猿 棍. The spear has one head, like a sharp knife, that is used to attack the enemy. Most of the time we use the sharp head of the spear, it shoots forward to attack and circles for defence. On the other hand, the application of the staff allows us to use both ends and the middle of the staff. In Traditional Chinese Wushu we say, “Staff hits an area, Spear attacks in a straight line 棍打一大, 槍打一條線.


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