Wing Chun Residential Course

The more we practise Chi Sau with different people, the more we can develop our Wing Chun skill. This course gives you just such an opportunity. Even as a beginner, you will see tremendous progress by the end of the course as you will be able to go through each of the three Wing Chun forms of Siu Lim Tao, Tsum Kiu and Biu Tze. You will also be working on the weapon forms of Baat Jam Dao, the wooden pole and wooden dummy. If you want your Wing Chun to be good, then don’t miss this course. If you find you already have a good standard, then don’t miss this course either as you will get even better!

Please note:13 April is the arrival day


Cost: £765 if paid before 31 March 2023 – £805 afterwards


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Account Name: Michael Tse

Sort Code: 230580

Acount number: 11182755

Please use the following references: WingChunRES



Apr 13 - 16 2023


All Day


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